Watch Heidi Klum Pretend To Be Her Own Lookalike With America's Got Talent Fans

Fans who gathered to have their pictures taken with look-a-likes of the America's Got Talents judges were in for a big surprise as Heidi Klum showed off her talent for pretend. For some lucky fans, it was trick before treat as they endured a series of high jinks with who they believed to be Heidi Klum's doppelganger. Watch her fake-out a bunch of fans before the big reveal in the video below:

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These fans had to put up with a lot before learning the shocking truth! It is hard to say who endured the worst of it. All told these fans all went through a lot. There was the moment an in-character Heidi Klum said she smelt something while posing with the man in the white polo shirt. Then there was the incident with the women who had their faces blocked by Klum's hair. Only to be told they could get two pictures made. Imagine what was going through their minds.

Another nominee is the woman in the jean jacket, who had her face blocked by Heidi Klum with a #AGT sign. Klum also put chewed gum in her hand and insulted her nails. And the video never shows the woman in the jean jacket or the women who had their faces blocked, finding out the truth. While the family at the beginning of the video and the man in the white polo shirt were both shown discovering it was actually Klum. Hopefully, everyone found out it was Heidi Klum off-screen.

While Heidi Klum demonstrated her impressive acting skills in the video, she also showed off another talent that was notably impressive. She convinced one guy to let her cut his hair, and she did a really nice job with it. He did not know that would be the case when he agreed, which was pretty brave of the guy. Trusting someone with your hair is a huge deal. As is finding out that the person you thought was a look-a-like is actually the real deal.

The fans' reactions did not disappoint, and kudos to the woman at the 2:09 mark for figuring it all out. The interaction between Heidi Klum and the married couple is a standout moment in the clip. After watching Heidi Klum having what was probably a lot of fun playing a rude look-a-like version of herself, fans can check her out in her usual job as an America's Got Talent judge.

With the season beginning to wind down, a winner is not too far away from being chosen. New episodes of America's Got Talent air Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. And there is more where that is coming from on NBC, this fall. You can learn more about the show on its official site.

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