Watch America's Got Talent's Incredible Spice Girls Act Blow Mel B's Mind

America's Got Talent has featured so many musical acts over the 13 seasons that have aired so far that it's difficult to keep them straight, and even the judges probably need refreshers every once in a while. Mel B's presence on the panel of judges means that AGT has even seen more than one Spice Girls-themed act. Well, the latest live quarterfinals episode saw German contestant Hans perform an incredible version of the Spice Girls' legendary song "Spice Up Your Life," and Mel B loved every moment of it. Take a look!

Performing a solo version of what may be the Spice Girls' most famous song in front of Mel B could have backfired spectacularly for Hans, but he performed it with such flair, enthusiasm, and pure talent that she was delighted by it from start to finish. Who can blame her? It's hard not to smile as Hans does everything from sing to dance to play the piano in his version of a song originally tackled by five British women. Few people would have the nerve as well as the talent to do what he did on live TV, and he didn't miss a note. Kudos to Hans!

Considering the terrifying act that preceded Hans' rendition of "Spice Up Your Life," I think we all needed some glitz and glamor and spectacle to cleanse our visual palates from seeing Simon's freaked out expression at nearly getting his hand impaled by a giant knife. After the music stopped, the judges declared first that Hans was like the child of Mel B and Elton John, then pitched that he was really the child of Heidi Klum and Liberace. This quip resulted in Hans dropping a fun factoid: the fancy piano he used in his spicy performance actually belonged to Liberace once upon a time.

There's no guarantee that everybody who would want to will ever get to see the actual Spice Girls performing ever again, but if Hans wins this season of America's Got Talent, maybe he could bring back his version of "Spice Up Your Life." Given her reaction during the live episode, Mel B can surely be counted on to give her blessing. My fingers are crossed now that she had such a good time watching Hans perform her group's song that she decides to stick around for at least another season of America's Got Talent. Although her dynamic with Simon Cowell has been contentious at times, she has become a fun part of the show, and I don't like the imagine the next season without her.

There's still some time left in Season 13, and whether or not Hans continues to the next round of competition depends entirely on the votes tallied for tomorrow night's live results show. To vote for Hans or any of the other competitors, head over to NBC's official America's Got Talent voting page. If you need some help planning your TV lineup for the not-too-distant future, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
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