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Things in the Arrow-verse can get pretty wild when the annual multi-show crossover hits the airwaves, and the 2018 event promises to deliver some brand new kinds of craziness. The crossover won't air for a few months, but Arrow star Stephen Amell took to social media to reveal that the Arrow-verse team has begun working on the three-hour extravaganza, and he shared a behind-the-scenes look that is just... well, super weird. Check it out!

Is the Green Arrow channeling his inner Bane for the crossover? The odds are that Oliver will be out of prison by the time to crossover rolls around in December, and it's possible that he'll need a new look if he wants to resume his work as the Green Arrow after being outed and having vigilantism deemed illegal in Star City. A mask that covers the lower half of his face seems impractical, but this is a guy who spent the first season and a half of his show using a hood and eye makeup as his only methods of hiding his face. Hey, it is green!

Okay, so this probably is not a look at a fitting for a post-prison mask that will take exactly that unique shape. For one thing, a mask like that would have to be difficult to breathe in, especially when doing the kind of stunts Stephen Amell has to tackle! For another thing, Amell specifically stated in his tweet that work has begun on the crossover, which seems to indicate that whatever is happening is due to crossover shenanigans rather than normal Arrow action.

It's also possible that the green substance is actually intended to protect that prison goatee of Oliver's. All of Stephen Amell's facial hair seems to be covered, and he followed up with a post on Instagram that is -- if possible -- even weirder and kind of unsettling. Take a look!

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I do not envy Stephen Amell sitting in a chair, covered in what looks like plaster from shoulders all over the top of his head! Sure, he has teeny tiny breathing holes by his nose, but that doesn't look comfortable at all. Just imagine if he sneezed!

The follow-up photo makes it clear that something is being designed that will need to either fit or mask his face as exactly as possible. Neither of Stephen Amell's captions dropped any details about what's going on. Of the superheroes appearing in the crossover, Amell isn't the one who will need a cowl covering most of the face! We'll undoubtedly have to wait and see.

The super weird pics are only the latest developments on the crossover front. It was recently revealed that Stephen Amell's wife had joined the crossover cast for a role that confirmed a major Batman villain in the Arrow-verse, and we learned who will play the legendary Lois Lane as well. Although we have to wait until December for the crossover to hit the airwaves, all four shows (even the one that will not be included in the crossover) will premiere their fall seasons next month.