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Gotham's fifth and final season is shaping up to give fans the biggest batch of famed villains yet, with the iconic foe Bane arguably being the most exciting new addition. Months ahead of the 2019 premiere, the series' new star Shane West has shared a short and mysterious video that appears to give the world our first look at Bane on the small screen. Check it out!

If anyone has any doubts about this video being an important reveal, there are several reasons so get excited. First, Shane West calls out Gotham's official Twitter account in his post, and the show didn't raise any complaints about it. Second, the video's sepia tone and digital glitches hints at slightly more effort going into it than just recording and posting on the fly. Third...Bane rules!

Gotham fans may be quite inquisitive about why Shane West would be teasing himself as the masked and hulking villain Bane, given he was recently cast as Eduardo Dorrance, who is Bane's father in the comic books, as well as the villain King Snake. Many expected West and Bane would be mutually exclusive, but the video above throws a wrench into those expectations. Which would make sense, seeing as how Gotham doesn't have all that many episodes left to start introducing the family lineage of its newest big bad.

To be fair, the main reason why Shane West is earning this Bane speculation is because the bottom half of his face is covered, which obviously draws comparisons to the mask that Bane wears as a vehicle for the Venom drug that gives him his strength. King Snake rocked a healthy mustache, but he wasn't known to don masks in causing his reptilian mayhem. Still, we'll have to keep our hopes measured, just in case Gotham pulls a fast one on everyone.

After all, fans have been waiting to see if Gotham will ever deliver an official version of the Joker, with Cameron Monaghan having only portrayed two prototype versions of the villain. Star David Mazouz hinted at the Clown Prince's official arrival, but no official confirmations have come out. So for all we know, Shane West himself might be playing the Joker. Although that move probably wouldn't win Gotham any additional fans.

If only there was a specified Bane emoji for Shane West to have used in his post alongside the bat. Then we would know! Or, at the very least, we would feel more confident in our guessing

Gotham will be around for Season 5 at some point in the early months of 2019, so stay tune for a more concrete date. While waiting, head to our fall TV premiere schedule to see what else is on the way.