Gotham Just Keeps Adding More Batman Villains To Season 5

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Robin Lord Taylor has revealed an intriguing tidbit for Season 5, and it involves villains. As it turns out, there is another one you can add to Gotham's ever-growing cache of baddies to take part in the final installment. Answering a fan question, Taylor shared his hopes when it comes to the introduction of Bane and his potential interactions with the Penguin in Season 5, as well as revealing another villain that will make their way to the series. Robin Lord Taylor said:

All I can say is I hope so. Because every time we have a new villain, especially one like Bane, who is coming in -- and we're also introducing Magpie this year, which is really exciting -- but again, anytime he interacts with these characters it changes him and makes his character more interesting, and it gives him something to overcome. That's part of getting deeper into the character, how he's affected by these other incredible characters that are in the Batman universe.

Prepare for Penguin to be impacted! Robin Lord Taylor's tease of how Penguin will be affected throughout the season occurred during 2018 Fan Expo Canada. The same venue the actor revealed that Penguin would not experience a weight gain during the final season. Taylor did assure fans that they will still get to see other iconic attributes associated with the character. Whether Penguin's interaction with Bane and (if the actor's statement holds true) Magpie plays a role in bringing those attributes to life will be intriguing to learn.

In the DC comics, Margaret Pye, a villain named "Magpie," is a character who has always had a fervent obsession with shiny items. As an adult, she becomes the curator at Gotham's City Museum. That job ultimately serves in driving her to her breaking point, due to her interaction with shiny objects she cannot possess. Hence, she becomes a jewel thief in order to obtain the object of her obsession. Given Gotham's penchant for introducing characters in their youth, it is unclear if Magpie will be introduced as an adult or a teenager.

Gotham is set to bring in a who's who of Batman villains for its final season. One of those villains, famously portrayed by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises, is Bane. As Robin Lord Taylor mentioned, the supervillain will make his way to the series in Season 5. And his father may be along for the ride. So, the show is going to be filled to the brim with villainy action.

Whether that action will include The Joker as Bruce Wayne's portrayer David Mazouz seemed to tease at San Diego Comic-Con remains to be seen. We do know Gotham is going full-villain for its final season, which will be comprised of 10 episodes. Hopefully, that will be enough time to give each character their due. As for Magpie, her introduction is a pretty big deal. Find out how her story is handled when the comic book drama returns for its final bow.

Gotham will return for its fifth and final season sometime in 2019 on Fox. For new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres. To find out what's coming down the road for Fox only, check out the network's fall schedule.

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