Better Call Saul's Mike And Kai Reach A Breaking Point In Exclusive Clip

With just three episodes left in Better Call Saul Season 4, fans are gearing up to see just how thick the compounding drama will get. One absolutely inevitable conflict that's destined to go down soon is the one brewing between Mike and the disobeying German demolition expert Kai (played by Ben Bela Böhm). And in the exclusive clip below from the upcoming episode "Coushatta," it looks like Kai will get on Mike's last nerve after making a scene at a gentleman's club. Check it out!

First, are we all in agreement that Kai should have accidentally blown himself up with dynamite years ago? I mean, I know this is a TV show written by people who want to extract specific emotions and reactions, and the immaturity-oozing Kai feels scientifically crafted to burrow impossibly deep into the aggravation sector of our brains. He barely has to do anything at all to provoke such intense disgust, too, since we don't even need to see what got him kicked out of the club. All I need to see is him defying Mike with sassy backtalk, and my temper starts flaring.

Sure, Kai hasn't been watching and half-fearing Mike for the past four Saul seasons, on top of his years from Breaking Bad, so Kai can be temporarily forgiven for his juvenile behavior. But he definitely should have taken an infinite number of hints by now, considering how many months Werner Ziegler's crew has been working on the superlab's construction. To the point where no amount of booze or strippers should be able to influence his manners. But no, people like Kai will always be around to draw out every last speck of ire within those around.

Of course, the clip above doesn't guarantee that Mike will get to "take care" of Kai in any kind of crowd-pleasing fashion, even though star Jonathan Banks told CinemaBlend he would have personally put an end to Kai's insolence right quick. I joked with Banks about the setbacks of having to fictionally oversee a bunch of shitheads like Mike is, and his feelings for the German worker were all too amusingly clear.

You know, this is where the writer and the actors sometimes go afield. Kai should essentially get his ass kicked. And that hasn't happened yet. That kinda disrespect immediately is a flashing neon warning of 'This is trouble.' I kinda wish we'd dealt with him very quickly.

Though I knew Jonathan Banks wouldn't be able to go into detail about Mike and Kai's tension coming to a head, I still had to throw that question out there. Along with asking how he would have taken care of it. And here's what he said.

You know I can't. I can't tell you that. . . . He would have disappeared quietly if I had my way. [laughs] Let's put it that way.

With a little luck and some goodwill from the Better Call Saul writers, viewers may very well see Kai taking a long dirt nap before Season 4 comes to a presumably bitter end. It would be kind of awesome if Kai ended up getting buried in the ground beneath the superlab, even if it never gets referenced again. Just for all the warm feelings that memory would inspire whenever Breaking Bad gets to introducing the underground setting, (complete with more Gale). Or, alternately, if Gus got to blow up half of Kai's face, for foreshadowing reasons.

Will Mike and Kai finally face off in a bloody fight to the death later in the episode? Tune into AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET to see "Coushatta" in full, and head to our fall TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are debuting soon.

Nick Venable
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