The Middle Spinoff Cast A Saturday Night Live Alum As A Regular

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The adventures of the Heck family may have ended earlier this year, but one family member is preparing to strike out on their own. In case you have not heard, The Middle spinoff will center on Sue, and the project just took another step forward, as the pilot for the potential series continues making strides towards its future. In doing so, it is continuing to build up its cast! Enter Saturday Night Live's Finesse Mitchell.

The comedy pilot just added Finesse Mitchell to its ever-growing ensemble. The spinoff, which is said to be called Sue Sue in the City, has cast the Saturday Night Live alum in a series regular role, per TVLine. So, who he is playing? Mitchell will star as Hudson, a big-hearted bartender, who works at the same hotel as Sue. The actor starred on Saturday Night Live for three years, starting in 2003 and ending in 2006.

With the casting of Finesse Mitchell as one of Sue's hotel co-workers, it is safe to say that the hotel is likely to be the hub of a lot of the series' action. The addition of Mitchell as Hudson marks another of Sue's co-workers to be cast. Earlier this week, SMILF's Kimberley Crossman joined the cast as Remi, who is a chef at the hotel. Perhaps the hotel in Sue Sue in the City will be tantamount to what the pool was for the residents of Melrose Place.

Joining Sue in Chicago will be her best friend, Brad. Whether he will also work at the hotel was not mentioned in the initial announcement of him joining the cast of the spinoff. The show has not been ordered to series yet, so fans will have to stay tuned to learn if they will get to see Finesse Mitchell's Hudson and the other additions to Sue Sue in the City in action.

Given The Middle's enduring popularity, it would surprising if ABC passed on the opportunity to keep the spirit of the series alive. While fans know where Sue will ultimately end up romantically, there is something to be said for watching her journey getting there unfold. Viewers learned that she ends up getting married to Sean via a flash-forward in the series finale. There are a lot of fans who miss the Hecks, and many are probably looking forward to seeing Sue continue her life.

With Sue moving to Chicago, it will provide an opportunity for fans to see her take on life in the big city. Plus, there is always a chance that Sue's family members could show up from time to time. If The Middle spinoff gets picked up, fans will find out if they do. There are still a lot of new and returning TV shows to pass the time this fall.

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