The Middle's Patricia Heaton Just Landed A New CBS Show

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Patricia Heaton has a knack for landing roles on hit sitcoms with long lives, and she just finished a nine-season run as the Heck matriarch on ABC's The Middle. Instead of taking a break from the small screen, Heaton has already landed a new show, and it will take her to CBS. She's set to star on Carol's Second Act.

Carol's Second Act revolves around a woman by the name of Carol Chambers. She has already raised two kids and retired from her post as a teacher. Not ready to settle into retirement, she makes a big decision: she's going to pursue a new career and become a doctor. Unless she was a teacher at a medical school, it's probably safe to say that Carol has an uphill battle to become a doctor after already retiring from a previous job! Deadline reports that Carol's Second Act has received a series commitment from CBS.

Prior to landing her role on The Middle, Patricia Heaton was by far best known for her character on Everybody Loves Raymond on CBS. The new show will take her back to the network that launched her into the limelight as a comedic actress. Carol's Second Act has a premise that is definitely something Heaton hasn't tackled before. It sounds like Carol won't be tasked with raising young children, as her characters on Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle were, to much hilarity. Heaton may get to flex her comedic muscles and show off even more range than she's had the opportunity to show off in the past.

Unlike The Middle (and like Everybody Loves Raymond), Carol's Second Act will be a multi-camera comedy. Patricia Heaton is on board as star and executive producer, and she's not the only successful TV veteran on board on the project. Trophy Wife creators Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins are responsible for writing Carol's Second Act as well as executive producing. If all goes well, Heaton could be quite busy for the foreseeable future.

While that is very good news for fans of Patricia Heaton, it may not bode well for any who have been holding out hope that Frankie Heck would appear on the upcoming Sue Heck-based spinoff, called Sue Sue in the City. If Heaton is busy on another network, she may not be available for any appearances on Sue Sue in the City. Another Middle alum signed on as a regular on the spinoff, and Heaton was never going to be a regular based on the premise of the spinoff, but fans could always cross their fingers and hope. That said, Heaton might have time for the occasional guest shot or cameo. Besides, if CBS was willing to lend one actress back to ABC to reprise a role, perhaps the same could happen with Patricia Heaton.

Only time will tell what exactly we can expect from Carol's Second Act and who will join Patricia Heaton in the cast. In the meantime, you can find plenty of viewing options on our fall TV premiere guide.

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