The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch Already Landed Her Next TV Role

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The final season of The Big Bang Theory has already begun airing. Before long, the series finale will have snuck up on all of us, and its stars will soon be out of a steady gig. Well, Melissa Rauch has already landed her next television role. The good news for fans of Rauch's comic chops is that her new role will also leverage them. Rauch will be making the transition from one comedy to another.

The actress has signed on to guest star on the upcoming Showtime series Black Monday. First some background, in case you have not heard of the show: Black Monday is a comedy set on Wall Street. Not today's Wall Street, either. The series will cover October 19, 1987, for one. While that may seem like a random date, it is not. It is the date of the worst stock market crash in Wall Street history.

The story itself will revolve around a group of outsiders who take on Wall Street's establishment. Through it all, they end up crashing the world's largest financial system, the glass ceiling, and more. The series will be led by Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, and Andrew Rannells. Melissa Rauch has signed on to play Shira, the wife of Paul Scheer's Keith. He is a trader.

No further details about the character, such as her personality, were given. More information on Melissa Rauch's character will hopefully be made available as the air date of her episode gets closer. There is one important thing to note.

Melissa Rauch will be guest starring on the series. So, while this could turn into a long-term role, for now, it is a guest spot. It would be surprising for her not to get promoted to recurring status at the least.

Given that the show has cast such a well-known name, that would seem to indicate they have big plans for the character. It would not be the first time Melissa Rauch was promoted. Rauch made her debut as Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory in Season 3. She was promoted to series regular status the following season. The same thing could happen with Black Monday unless the story or something else dictates otherwise.

Melissa Rauch's leap from The Big Bang Theory to Black Monday will involve a difference. She's going from network television to premium cable. That means she will be able to say edgier stuff than she can on the CBS sitcom. With Rauch already lining up her next gig, time will tell if she adds more to her resume.

You can catch Black Monday when it premieres in January 2019 on Showtime. New episodes of The Big Bang Theory air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The sitcom is among an assortment of new programming arriving on CBS, along with other series coming this fall.

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