Luke Cage's Twitter Posts Cryptic Message Following Cancellation, But What Does It Mean?

Luke Cage is the latest Marvel series to get dropped by Netflix, but maybe fans shouldn't assume the superhero is gone for good. The show's Twitter page posted a rather cryptic message not long after news of the cancellation got out, and we're wondering what it could mean. Take a look:

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The text is a reference to Pop's motto in Luke Cage Season 1. The picture would've made total sense had it coincided with the news that Netflix was bringing the series back for Season 3, but posted after cancellation, it raises a lot of questions. Is this the show's crew telling audiences the hero's adventures will continue despite the cancellation on Netflix?

That's certainly a possibility, as Netflix had confirmed Danny Rand may still appear in the Marvel universe despite Iron Fist's cancellation. The same wasn't explicitly stated for Luke Cage, but it would be hard to believe the hero is going to fade into obscurity, especially given that the cancellation (reportedly) wasn't all about ratings. It's been said Netflix was unsatisfied with initial scripts that the Luke Cage writers provided for Season 3, which led to tensions that ultimately resulted in its cancellation.

One would think Luke Cage was in a position to stick to its guns, as it may be possible that Disney will snatch the hero back up for its own streaming service, which is set to launch in 2019. There are no guarantees that will happen, however, and even if it did, less of a guarantee that the show would remain the same. Recastings could happen, the sex and violence could be toned down, and even the musical focus could be switched up.

Perhaps the timing of the two cancellations are intentional, and a Heroes For Hire series is in the works? Marvel fans got a taste of that team-up in Luke Cage Season 2, and it's possible both were dropped in order to prepare for a concept that finally combines Luke Cage and Iron Fist into one series. Where that would air is anyone's guess, but it seems that the Luke Cage staff is teasing something that makes it apparent the show could carry on.

Even Luke Cage's showrunner is getting in on the action. Cheo Hodari Coker mentioned the tagline in his thanks to the cast, crew, and fans right after talking about the superhero series:

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Coker's tweet makes the phrase sound more like a goodbye than a rallying cry, but emotions can be hard to gauge in text. Luke Cage stars Mike Colter and Simone Missick haven't shared their thoughts on the cancellation yet, despite their frequent social media presence. It will be interesting to see if more information about the reported "creative differences" between Netflix and the show surface, and whether the program will make a comeback as the picture could imply.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Luke Cage can be binged on Netflix. For a list of new shows coming to television in the coming months, head on over to our fall premiere guide.

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