Roseanne Spinoff The Conners Is Adding Matthew Broderick

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Matthew Broderick is building a busy television slate. In fact, the Ferris Bueller star is doing everything but taking the day off. The actor has signed on for a role on the Roseanne spinoff, The Conners.

Matthew Broderick is set to star as Peter, and the role is an integral one. He will be a love interest for Jackie, per Deadline. Yes, Jackie is getting some love! There is good news for fans anxious to get a glimpse of Broderick as Jackie's new man, because Broderick's debut as Peter is fast approaching.

The character will make his debut in The Conners' Halloween episode, which is entitled "There Won't Be Blood." While that title is seemingly a reference to Paul Thomas Anderson's 2007 film There Will Be Blood, which wasn't a horror movie, the episode is set to air October 30, just in time for Halloween.

Other than Matthew Broderick's Peter being a love interest for Jackie, not much else is known about the character. Details regarding Peter's personality or how he and Jackie come to find each other is not currently available, but we do know that he will recur as Peter. So, Jackie's new love is not set to leave any time soon. With Broderick's first episode set to air rather imminently, it will be intriguing to see if any further details emerge before it airs.

Jackie having a boyfriend for one episode would have been nice. Having him recur, though, should be more satisfactory in the long-term. It will give him a chance to have more of an impact on Jackie's life and the show as a whole. Another thing that is clear is that this is a case of excellent casting. Matthew Broderick and Laurie Metcalf's separate engergy on screen should gel quite well when they get together. You do not even have to see them act opposite each other to have hopes in that regard.

Given what an amazing comic actor Matthew Broderick is, him joining a sitcom makes perfect sense. From Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Freshman to appearances on 30 Rock and Modern Family, it's clear that Broderick will be able to bring something special to The Conners.

The Conners is not shying away from romance. Jackie is the latest character scheduled to get a new love interest. The show recently cast Justin Long as Neil, a romantic interest for Jackie's niece, Darlene. He is also set to recur on the series. And, along for the season is Darlene's ex-husband, David, who will show up with a love interest of his own. For that role, The Conners has cast Juliette Lewis as David's hippie girlfriend, Blue. Plus, D.J. and his wife are reunited, so we may finally get to see how that couple handles domesticity.

If anything else, the Roseanne spinoff is set to have quite a few romantic entanglements. As for Matthew Broderick, his casting on The Conners comes along with two other series for the busy star. He has also signed on for Netflix's Daybreak and to recur on FX's Better Things.

New episodes of The Conners air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The Roseanne spinoff is among a fresh slate of programming airing on ABC this fall, so be sure to keep up to date on all the premieres.

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