How Shameless' Midseason Finale Sets Up Emmy Rossum's Final Episodes

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Shameless is paving the way for the beginning of the end for Emmy Rossum's Fiona. The second half of the Showtime dramedy's ninth season will mark Rossum's last. So, is the show setting Fiona up for a happy ending of some sort? When asked if there is still hope for her to have one, Shameless' executive producer John Wells said:

Yes, although there are a lot of fairy tales about what a -- excuse the pun -- happy ending is for most people. What is that we need to be happy? What is it that we want? A lot of these ideas about what it's supposed to be like are not what really makes us happy, and that's what she's starting to figure out. I hope that at the end of the next seven episodes that you'll feel pleased about where she ends up. But I don't want to suggest that suddenly everything is rosy for Fiona.

From the sound of things, Fiona may get a happy ending. Just not in the traditional "happily ever after" way. John Wells' answer to TVLine is hopeful while drawing on viewers' anticipation. Based on his response, there should be a sense of closure on Fiona's journey. The thing is, Shameless fans may be in for quite the ride as she gets there.

Nothing comes easy for the characters on the Showtime dramedy. So, Fiona's final chapter will be no different. Having spiraled towards the end of Season 9's first half, it seemed things could not get any worse. Well, John Wells went on to tease a farther fall for Fiona as Season 9 progresses, saying:

Yeah, she's got some further to fall, and we've got to see how does that work with her family, and who will step up with her, and how is she going to accept who she's going to be as just an individual. Because up to this point, her life has been defined by raising her siblings -- not that she had a choice. Who's she going to be now when they're basically all growing up or grown up?

Having devoted her life to bringing up her siblings, Fiona is now facing a bit of empty-nest-style emotions. They do not need her in the way they once did. Having never experienced an adult life without taking care of her siblings, she will need to define herself as an individual.

It should be the beginning of an intriguing journey for Fiona. As of the midseason finale, her life is in shambles. Whether she can put herself on a path to happiness in seven episodes will be interesting to learn.

Emmy Rossum announced her upcoming exit ahead of the premiere of the first half of Season 9. So, fans have had time to brace themselves. Shameless has undergone some significant changes, as Season 9 heralds a new chapter for the long-running series. Having already said goodbye to Cameron Monaghan's Ian, the show is preparing to bid farewell to its co-lead.

Given that the show was able to give Ian a bittersweet ending, there is reason to hope they can do the same for Fiona. While he ended up going to prison, he was reunited with his ex, Mickey. The two ended up being cellmates, and in an uplifting move, they got back together.

For her part, Fiona was not able to see Ian off due to a car accident. It is moments like that which marked low points for Fiona throughout the first half of Season 9. Whether she can end up surfacing in time to find happiness will probably remain a mystery until the very end.

Seven episodes seem like they could be more than enough time to make it happen. Find out if it does! The second half of Shameless Season 9, a.k.a. Emmy Rossum's last, will premiere January 20, 2019, on Showtime. While you wait for the dramedy's return, there is no shortage of content arriving over fall.

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