Supernatural Revealed How The Winchesters Can Defeat Michael, But Can They Pull It Off?

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 3 of Supernatural Season 14, called "The Scar."

Supernatural is showing no sign of slowing down even now that it has entered its fourteenth season. The latest arc kicked off with Dean Winchester stuck with the archangel Michael using him as a vessel, and the show has already moved on from that status quo by the third episode. Naturally, the Winchester boys want to defeat Michael, but archangels aren't so easy to kill without the help of another divine being equally or more powerful.

Well, "The Scar" revealed a way the Winchesters could take out Michael, but the big question is whether they can actually pull it off. There are a lot of strings attached to this method of getting rid of Michael, and they might have to be truly desperate to pursue it. Here's what happened.

When the episode started, Dean was relieved to be back among his friends and without Michael using him as a vessel, but he also clearly wasn't back to normal. He didn't waste any time in asking Castiel to dive into his mind to figure out what happened to him, after he discovered a mystery scar on his arm that he sustained while under Michael's control. It's not just any weapon that can mark an archangel, and a weapon that could mark Michael could potentially kill him.

So, the mission became to track down the weapon, which turned out to be a forked spear. This led them to a reunion with Jody Mills, who believed that she was tracking a human serial killer who liked to decapitate their victims and keep their heads. She tested the bodies with everything from silver to dead man's blood to see if there was anything supernatural at play; there were no reactions.

Nevertheless, when she and the Winchesters discovered a bunch of heads with vampire teeth on pikes in the forest, it was apparent that something strange was going on, even by Supernatural standards. These vampires were modified to survive what should have affected them, much as last week's werewolves were somehow impervious to silver. Michael has been busy!

The boys and Jody were attacked by a figure in a dark hood, wielding the forked spear that wounded Michael. They discover that the figure is none other than the Bad Place -- no, not that Bad Place -- version of Kaia, who viewers will remember was killed at the end of the Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot. Given that The CW did not pick up Wayward Sisters, "The Scar" enabled Supernatural to tie off some loose ends.

Dean eventually captured Kaia in a creepy cabin that really seem to be all over the place in Supernatural, and he was determined to get her to hand over her spear. Sam and Jody were more than a little alarmed at how Dean was threatening Kaia, and he seemed very willing to seriously harm her on the chance that it could result in her giving up the weapon.

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Unfortunately, a group of Michael's special vampires tracked them down, and Dean somewhat redeemed himself by using a gun to shoot Kaia's chair, freeing her. She then ran off, giving the impression that she was going to just let the three hunters die. Luckily, she came back with her spear to save the day, although she was clear that the goal was to save Sam and Jody, not so much Dean.

Kaia's return to save the day came too late to spare Jody a broken arm, and she still wasn't willing to hand over the spear. She had used it on Michael when Michael came to claim it, wanting the only thing that could hurt him to be safe in his own hands. That obviously didn't work for him. Kaia was not willing to hand over the spear to the Winchesters, and the episode ended with her still in possession of the one tool proved capable of hurting the archangel.

The Winchesters aren't really any closer to defeating Michael than they were at the beginning of the episode, and they certainly have no idea why Michael vacated his vessel. Sure, the vessel was damaged after Kaia stabbed him with the spear, but Dean is fine aside from a scar. Michael presumably could have stayed in Dean without dying. Still, even if the boys don't actually have the spear, their knowledge that it exists could remain in the back of their minds moving forward.

The variable here is whether this episode was intended as a standalone to give some closure to the Wayward Sisters series that never got to happen (and pay off on the backdoor pilot cliffhanger with Kaia) or whether it was intended to introduce the weapon that the boys will eventually use to take down Michael. If the latter, we can probably count on Kaia turning up at least once more, perhaps with more of the Wayward Sisters in tow.

A lot may depend on how much havoc Michael can wreak in the coming episodes and if he makes his way back into Dean. Given how premature it seemed when Michael vacated Dean after only two episodes (and considering some of showrunner Andrew Dabb's comments), the odds are pretty good that Dean is going to be hosting Michael again in Season 14. Would Sam and Co. use the weapon on Michael if he was in Dean's body?

Kaia seemed pretty determined to keep the spear for herself, so Sam and Co. would probably need to either recruit her or do something to her if they want the spear to be used against Michael. She might be happy to try and take out Michael if she had the backup of hunters, but she also might want to just keep herself safe. She has no love for Dean; she might not be trustworthy to spare him if she has the opportunity to kill Michael in his Dean suit.

Only time will tell. The next episode looks to be of the Monster of the Week variety, which is fitting. It will air the day after Halloween, so it's only fitting that Supernatural goes for creepy and campy. Tune in to The CW on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes.

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