Supernatural's Castiel Really Wants To Get Dean Back, According To Misha Collins

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Supernatural is gearing up for its fourteenth season, and the cast is teasing the dynamics to come. As of the Season 13 finale, Dean is not in control of his body, as Michael has taken over the elder Winchester. Well, if you thought Castiel would not take that development lying down, your speculation was right on the money. Supernatural's Misha Collins previewed the lengths Cas will be going through to save his friend in Season 14, saying:

Cas is pulling out all the stops. He's willing to make any kind of deal with any kind of devil in order to get Dean back. He's attempting to form unsavory alliances and leaving no stone unturned. The entire hunter clan is wildly searching for any possible solution to the problem.

It is safe to say that Castiel will be stopping at nothing to save his best friend. What Misha Collins teased to EW falls right in line with some of what was glimpsed of Cas in the Season 14 trailer. The stakes are high, and Cas knows it. In the trailer, he did not react thrilled to Jack saying that Michael would have to be stopped, even if it means Dean dying in the process.

Castiel is not about to let that happen, and based on Misha Collins' insight into Cas' Season 14 mindset, he will have some backup from an expected source: Dean's devoted brother, Sam. While Cas and Sam have never been as tight on Supernatural as he and Dean, Cas and Sam are about to embark on a journey that could help them grow even closer: Operation: Save Dean. Jared Padalecki teased the dynamic between Cas and Sam when Season 14 begins, saying:

Sam was initially more wary of Cas. They have grown closer over the years and we see that in the beginning of this season. They're showing care and concern for one another to an extent that we haven't quite seen before.

Honestly, this sounds very sweet. With fans missing out on the signature relationship that drives so much of the series, it will be nice to have Castiel and Sam's bond strengthened in its stead. It is hard to imagine a better homecoming gift for Dean than to return to one of his closest friends and his brother being even closer than they were when he left. That is, of course, when Dean finally gets back into his body, not if.

Let's just hope that Cas does not make any deals that have long-term consequences that make his eventual reunion with Dean, short-lived. He does not want to get Dean back, only to lose him again. Misha Collins saying that Cas was willing to make a deal with "any kind of devil" does not exactly bode fantastically for that wish, though. With him teaming up with Sam, they should be able to balance each other out before it comes to anything too over the top. Really, what good would it be to get Dean back only to have lost the chance to enjoy it?

Find out how Castiel and Sam handle the fight for Dean when Supernatural's fourteenth season premieres October 11 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The veteran horror series is among an enormous slate of new programming set to arrive on The CW, along with other series coming this fall.

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