Jeopardy's Alex Trebek Looks Amazing As KISS' Gene Simmons For Halloween

Alex Trebek got into the Halloween spirit in a major way! The Jeopardy! host dressed up as KISS' Gene Simmons, and, in a video promoting the game show's Halloween episode, Trebek and Simmons can be seen rocking the latter's KISS costume, hair, and makeup. See how amazing Trebek looks below:

Alex Trebek's style on Jeopardy! is always a topic of conversation. As one may expect, Trebek is almost unrecognizable dressed up as the rock star. From the hair to the makeup, there is not a detail the makeup artists missed.

You can also tell Alex Trebek got into the character, because he ended the video by sticking out his tongue along with Gene Simmons. That is dedication! Now, if you are like me, you may be wondering about the process that made this Halloween look possible. Well, it was an intense one, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes video below:

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In the "making of" video, you can spot Alex Trebek getting his KISS on as he starts sticking his tongue out in the makeup chair. At one point, Gene Simmons presents Trebek with the sky-high boots Simmons dons for performing in KISS. In neither video, though, do we get to see Trebek in them. Perhaps that will be a treat for another day.

Jeopardy! went full-tilt with its KISS-related content. Alex Trebek did not just dress up as Gene Simmons, but the KISS singer himself played a pivotal role in the game show's Halloween episode. This happened by way of a special category entitled "Halloween with Gene Simmons." As you've probably guessed, Simmons provided all the clues for that category.

While it was cool to see Alex Trebek dressed as Gene Simmons in the special promo video, you have to wonder: how cool would it have been to have Trebek host the entire episode dressed as the KISS star? You thought his choice of rocking a beard, mustache or going clean-shaven got attention. That style move would have been pretty epic, too!

The contestants seemed to do well with the clues, which is not always the case. Maybe this is a sign that Halloween is still very much in vogue. At the end of the category, Alex Trebek discussed KISS's final tour. That's right, KISS is leaving their days of rock-n-rolling on the road, behind them. Their tour is cleverly titled One Last Kiss: End of the Road World Tour.

So, KISS is about to say goodbye to their touring days. Could this mean that Gene Simmons can guest host Jeopardy! someday? Or, even keep giving clues? Either works for me.

To find out when Jeopardy! airs in your area, check your local listings. If streaming is more your style, you can watch episodes of the series on Hulu. When you are not watching an episode of the game show, there is a lot of new programming heading to television this fall to keep you busy.

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