Watch These Jeopardy Contestants Basically Bomb An Entire Category

There is not always joy to be had on Jeopardy! as contestants, who hit a bit of a rough patch on a recent episode can attest. The category that tripped them up was none other than "video games." As you will see in the video, the category was not a complete disaster. Watch all of the action unfold for yourself in the clip below:

In case you lost count and are wondering how many correct answers there were. We have your answer. Only one out of the five clues provided were answered correctly. That one correct answer belonged to Jordan, who nailed the first clue after Evelyn's incorrect response of "Pixar." Not everyone can sweep a category. In fact, this is almost the exact opposite of what occurred earlier this year, when one Jeopardy! contestant swept the Reese Witherspoon category.

In the instance of video games, the first clue was the only one that garnered a correct response. From that point on, there was no recovery, as the four clues that followed failed to receive a correct answer from the contestants. To his credit, Jordan kept trying. After getting the first clue right, he went for the second, only to render the incorrect response. Jordan did not stop there. The only one to attempt an answer for the second clue, it was time to move on to the next.

When it came time for the third clue, Jordan was again, the only one to attempt an answer. Unfortunately, he was wrong again. Despite a prompt from host Alex Trebek, Nancy and Evelyn decided to refrain from venturing a guess. Jordan ended up not attempting to answer the penultimate clue.

As it came time for the final clue, host Alex Trebek could not resist mentioning how well the category was going, as in not well at all. Trebek chiming in with "we're doing well with video games, aren't we?" The moment, while breaking up the tension, did not end up relaxing anyone enough to venture an answer for the final clue. Everyone was all smiles when the category was over, as they headed in for Double Jeopardy.

There is nothing quite like the relief of knowing a painful experience is over. While video games can put a dent in one's wallet, it did so for a certain Jeopardy! contestant, who did not even get to experience the thrill of playing one. The category took Jordan from $2,600 up to $2,800 before dropping him down to $1,400 when the category was over.

To find out when Jeopardy! airs in your area, check your local listings. If streaming is more your speed, you can take in episodes of the series on Hulu. When you are not watching an episode of the game show, there is a lot of other new programming heading to television this fall to keep you busy.

Britt Lawrence

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