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Dexter's Michael C. Hall Sounds Ready For The Killer Drama To Return

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The Bay Harbor Butcher could eventually be coming back to television. At least, it seems to be something that may happen if prolific actor Michael C. Hall reads the right script. Hall recently spoke about the possibility of Dexter Morgan's return to television and once again teased the serial killer's adventure may not be over. The actor also spoke about the Dexter series finale, and why he thinks folks seem so eager to see the character return, noting,

Every time I'm asked about this I say, 'Never say never.' The next thing I know there's an announcement on the internet saying 'He's going to do it again.' The way that show ended gave no sense of closure for people and a lot of questions unanswered. ... For it to be all tidied up after that would have not been honest. For him to simulate his own death and extricate himself from the context of his life made sense to me. As far as any more of that happening, it's possible.

Michael C. Hall's recent comments make it sound as though he's willing to bring Dexter back, provided the right story comes along. On the same token, Hall appears to be in no rush to jump into a Dexter Morgan return just for the sake of doing so, because he's fine with the way Dexter ended. Hall told The Daily Beast he "stands by" the decision for Dexter to go off into the wilderness at the end of the series, even if it left the Showtime drama with some loose ends.

That ending is good enough for Michael C. Hall that he's apparently rejected past pitches that would've led to another Dexter project. Hall briefly mentioned the projects that didn't make the cut and a possible timeline of when a new idea could get far enough to get talks of a serious revival started.

There have been different possibilities that have come up. They haven't felt worth doing. But there's still something potentially there. But there are no immediate plans to do that.

These recent statements are in line with what Michael C. Hall said earlier in the year about a Dexter revival, so it appears 2018 didn't feature much inspiration for Miami's killer to return. The "something" that's there Hall referenced is seemingly rooted in the fact that Dexter survived, rather than any compulsion that he feels to reprise the role. As mentioned, he doesn't have the same issues he notes others have with how Dexter ended.

Hall's approval of the show's ending is rooted in Dexter's realizing isolation will protect the ones he loves. A pitch to justify Dexter Morgan's return would seemingly have to convince Michael C. Hall his character's need for human companionship proved too great for him to stay isolated or a threat that could place someone he cares about in danger. That's what we're speculating anyway, as we have no idea what projects Hall has rejected since the drama's end. Perhaps a Revenant-style man-in-the-wilderness revenge story could be the right fit...

Dexter is available to stream on demand on Showtime or Netflix. For a look at what television shows are set to arrive before the year's end, head on over to our fall premiere guide.

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