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Dexter's Michael C. Hall Is Heading To Netflix For First Big TV Role Since That Polarizing Finale

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For eight seasons, Michael C. Hall played one of TV's most devious and fun-to-watch antiheroes, and his killer-of-killers Dexter Morgan won't soon be forgotten, even if Dexter's troll of a finale will. Thankfully, Hall is returning to TV after 4 years for what sounds like it'll be an excellent new dramatic thriller called Safe, and the fact that it's a Netflix Original is only part of that presumed excellence.

For Safe, Michael C. Hall is teaming up with Sherlock star Amanda Abbington, which should make for a solid pairing, assuming they spend time onscreen together. Hall is set to play Tom, a recent widower (and pediatric) who is mourning the loss of his wife while raising their two teenage daughters. The road to recovery is suddenly disrupted one night when one of those daughters sneaks out of the house and heads to a house party. Unfortunately, someone goes missing from the party, while another person is murdered, and the horrifying incident propels a host of thought-buried secrets to rush to the surface.

That sounds like a huge rush of a TV drama, and perhaps thankfully, the season will only be eight episodes, according to Deadline. Curiously, there's no information about Amanda Abbington's role, so it's unclear if she'll be one of the authorities looking into the case with Tom's assistance, or if she'll possibly have a more villainous part to play. I'm down to see either angle play out.

Behind the scenes, Safe looks to be just as impressive, and it's being executive produced by the literary plot-meister Harlan Coben as the novelist's latest TV project. The scripts will be penned by Danny Brocklehurst, the English screenwriter and producer whose past efforts include the original Shameless and Coben's own mystery drama The Five. The company behind Safe is StudioCanal's RED Production Company, which put together the BBC and Netflix release Happy Valley. We're assuming more casting news will be released soon, and we can only hope that more TV vets like this will be involved.

When Dexter ended in 2013 to the tune of viewers scratching their heads in frustration, Michael C. Hall decided to take a break from the small screen and focused on features like Cold in July and After Adderall. To be sure, he has had a couple of voice acting roles in Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles and Cartoon Network's Star vs. the Forces of Evil. And he's actually already set to show up on Netflix for the acclaimed royalty drama The Crown, for which he'll portray former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. But Safe will be his first leading TV role since saying goodbye to the Miami sun.

Production for Safe actually kicked off today, implying deals were being worked out in the immediate past, and Netflix is planning for a 2018 release date. We can't wait to hear more about this, but you can see everything else Netflix has coming with our 2017 Netflix schedule, and then hit up our summer premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows hitting primetime in the near future.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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