House Of Cards Erects Real-Life Claire Underwood Statue That Gives Away Major Spoiler

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Warning: This story contains major spoilers for the sixth and final season of House of Cards.

Netflix only gave visitors to Dallas' Love Field airport about four days to watch the final season of House of Cards before spoiling a major plot point with a giant statue. On November 6 -- Election Night -- the airport debuted a statue of Robin Wright's fictional character, President Claire Hale Underwood. That's not the spoiler, we already knew she was POTUS. But you can see the spoiler bumping out in photos, including this one shared by newly famous politician Dan Crenshaw:

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Yep, President Claire Underwood is preggers. That twist came late in the eight-episode Season 6. Claire got pregnant with the late President Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) baby thanks to IVF, using Frank's frozen sperm from a trip to the doctor back in Season 2.

Not everyone had a chance to watch the final season before stumbling on the statue. Funny that Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw was one of the people to see it and spread the news. The former Navy SEAL recently achieved national fame thanks (but no thanks) to mockery from Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live.

Apparently Dan Crenshaw is also a House of Cards fan. He'd know that First Lady-turned-President Claire Underwood is a Dallas native. The engraving under her new statue reads, "Claire Hale Underwood of Highland Park, Texas, the 47th President of the United States of America."

The statue is not the only piece of House of Cards fiction to crossover into real life. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix worked with ad agency Wieden and Kennedy on a campaign to bring Claire Underwood's legacy to life for the final season. They set up an infomercial selling a President Claire Underwood Commemorative Plate, with ads running on late night TV and during daytime game shows.

On House of Cards, Claire Underwood succeeded her husband Frank Underwood, who was the 46th president. Netflix created a real gravesite in Frank's hometown of Gaffney, S.C., to mark where the character was buried. That tombstone is said to be staying permanently. The town's mayor told local news station WSPA that the show has brought a lot of people to Gaffney. The local paper even ran an obituary for Frank, whose death was mentioned (but not shown) in the final season.

Unlike Frank's grave, Claire's statue is not permanent. The Dallas Morning News had said the statue would be on display until today (November 14) but THR states it will stand for another week.

House of Cards buried Frank Underwood to write star Kevin Spacey out of the series after allegations of sexual misconduct. The cast and crew wanted to finish out the series -- with Robin Wright pushing to retain the jobs of the many people who work on the show. So they killed Frank and didn't include Spacey in the final season.

Claire Hale Underwood's pregnancy wasn't the only shocker of the final season, which is available for streaming now on Netflix. Check out our fall TV premiere guide for more shows to watch.

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