Robin Wright Really Helped House Of Cards Return After Kevin Spacey Scandal

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House of Cards is set to premiere its final season sometime in 2018, which is quite an achievement considering the series seemed dead in the water last year. The scandal with Kevin Spacey certainly had spirits low, with some thinking cancellation was all but certain. But actress Patricia Clarkson recently revealed Robin Wright was always ready to press on. Apparently, Wright was a big part in helping the series return for its final episodes, and rallied those around her at a time where things weren't looking so good:

Robin led all of this charge so that people would save their livelihoods, because when the show goes away, some people don't get paid.

Robin Wright doesn't just play a powerful leader on House of Cards, she's apparently a force to be reckoned with in real life as well. Patricia Clarkson said it was Wright who rallied show writers Frank Pugliese and Melissa Gibson, who only had a short amount of time to throw out the planned season and rework the drama in a way that didn't involve Kevin Spacey. It was a monumental task for any show writer to take on, but Clarkson told The Talk everyone was able to pull through thanks to Wright's rallying and insistence in saving the crew's jobs.

Patricia Clarkson implied the effort put into reworking House of Cards was worth it, as she described the upcoming eight-episode season as "stunning." Of course, there was also the added bonus of most of the show's crew, who didn't have a guaranteed check when the show's status was in limbo, staying on board to help make the finale happen. Once again, it took Robin Wright not only taking on the fight to keep everyone's jobs, but also the responsibility of being the new head of the series in a season without Kevin Spacey. And while some may have originally doubted Wright's ability to lead the show, they may have been silenced by her chilling Season 5 scenes, or her recent Independence Day message.

As mentioned, House of Cards is expected to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2018. Streamers looking for a list of shows headed to Netflix in the near future should definitely visit our Netflix premiere guide and plan their next binging session. Anyone just concerned with all the great things coming to television over the next couple of months will find just what they need with our summer premiere guide. For more on Robin Wright, check out what the actress had to say about her role in Wonder Woman and the message it sent to viewers.

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