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TV Land Just Cancelled Its Last Scripted Series

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While most networks and studios are ironing out ways to produce as much original content as possible, Viacom's TV Land has been going the opposite route. The cable channel had whittled its scripted series output down to just a single show, the hilariously raunchy comedy Teachers, and has now announced that Teachers has been cancelled, and will end with the yet-to-air remaining episodes of Season 3. The last day of school usually doesn't seem so sad.

TV Land announced that Teachers Season 3 will return to fans for the back half of its final season on Tuesday, January 5. That means at the very least, the creators and stars will be able to spice up the beginning of 2019 with the show's signature silliness and ribald femininity. After that, though, fans will be left wanting, and TV Land will be without any scripted series left on its slate.

You can check out the video announcement below, which features Teachers' stars hyping up the final stretch of episodes, while also reflecting on the journey from web series to small screen success.

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Technically, TV Land started producing its own original content back in 2004, with celeb-driven unscripted series like Chasing Farrah and I Pity the Fool. However, it was in 2010 that the network kicked off with the star-studded Hot in Cleveland, bringing Betty White back to pop culture's forefront. That kicked off a boom of other sitcoms led by big TV stars from the past four decades, such as (George) Lopez, Kirstie (Alley) and Happily Divorced (with Fran Drescher).

However, many of those originals failed to gain enough traction to survive past season or two, with some exceptions such as Cedric the Entertainer's The Soul Man, which lasted five seasons. Younger, arguably TV Land's most resonant hit, was renewed for Season 6 earlier this year, but it was revealed recently that the Darren Star-created dramedy is moving to Paramount for its new episodes. Similar moves happened with in-development projects such as Alicia Silverstone's American Woman and the seemingly cursed Heathers remake.

It's almost strange for Teachers to be the last remaining scripted show at TV Land, considering its dark and sexualized humor wasn't the norm on any of the channel's more traditional multi-camera sitcoms. It, along with Younger, was an encouraging sign that TV Land would be able to attract younger demographics that might not be fully into everything else in the network's rerun-heavy schedule. Alas, it will be no more, but at least we still have another half-season to go!

For those who didn't watch the video above, star and co-creator Kathryn Thomas summed it up nicely here.

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TV Land hasn't made any statements or announcements about where its programming slate is headed in the future, and its diminished presence is surprising, given Viacom's relatively recent push to capitalize on all of its television brands. While waiting to hear more, don't forget to tune into the back half of Teachers Season 3 when it premieres on TV Land on Tuesday, January 15.

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