Vikings' Lagertha Is Broken But Defiant In New Season 5 Clip

In what should come as no surprise to Vikings viewers, Lagertha is in a low place when Season 5B returns. In the wake of the fifth season finale, she has a lot of decisions to think about, and Lagertha appears broken but defiant as Bjorn, Ubbe, Torvi, and Heahmund discuss what do next in a new clip. Watch it below:

Heahmund's idea is a bold one, and thanks to an earlier released teaser, we know that Lagertha will eventually end up going along with it. Based on this clip, though, it is definitely evident that the shieldmaiden and ousted Queen of Kattegat believes there is more to come from her story. As in, her life and/or journey are not supposed to end like this. That sort of faith can often bring a person to overcome adversity.

Lagertha clearly did not believe Ivar would be the victor, though, and it's something that seems to have shaken her. If she was wrong regarding something so important, what else could she be in error about? That said, her faith in the overall big picture seems mostly untouched. Lagertha does not believe she is destined to spend the rest of her life as she is seen living it in the clip. So, what will she do about it?

Fans will see a new Lagertha emerge in the second half of Vikings' fifth season. She is said to be undergoing some soul-searching amidst significant change. Will that be enough to defeat Ivar? He has a new love interest that Vikings' showrunner teased would help him make some rather brutal decisions in Season 5B. So, it is safe to say he will be at least as fired up as Legertha, if not more so.

Lagertha has endured trials and tribulations in the past, only to ultimately rise above her circumstances. In the sea of those changes, she has already emerged as a slightly retooled version of herself, and the changes will keep coming. The loss to Ivar wounded her profoundly, so fans are bound to see Lagertha reacting in ways she hasn't before.

Lagertha will need to rally quickly, too. Ivar's tyrannical reign looks beyond frightful, and he's in no mood to pull back. Kattegat has seen better days, and now needs Lagertha back to restore them.

Of course, the family drama that is unfolding also brings its own elements to the story. While Ivar is Lagertha's enemy, he is also the son of a man she loved, as well as a woman she hated. It took many years, but Lagertha eventually got her revenge on the latter, which is something that has spurred a great deal of Ivar's rage, and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the second act.

Find out if Lagertha's defiance will lead her to victory when the second half of Vikings' fifth season premieres on History on Wednesday, November 28, at 9 p.m. ET. The drama is among many returning with new seasons this fall and the midseason.

Britt Lawrence

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