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Vikings Production Company Under Fire For Allegedly Mishandling Finances

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Sometimes the drama behind the scenes of your favorite show is just as intense as it is in front of it. Just ask Vikings. The production company behind it and other historical dramas is under fire.

A legal battle is currently unfolding in an Irish court between the production company behind the hit television show and a shareholder. It is a battle that has been raging for a while now. However, there is a new development in the case.

An investigation is now underway regarding the financial records of producer Octagon Films, per Deadline. It is all part of the ongoing legal dispute between Octagon Films' founders and shareholder W2 Filmproduktion. In a new development, accountants will investigate the former's financial records. Both sides have appointed accountants in the disagreement.

W2 has alleged that producers from Octagon Films have diverted funds from the company and given it to themselves or companies they own. Or as Ragnar may say, taken the treasure. W2 alleges that somewhere between 40 to 50 million euros were mishandled, per Independent.IE. The accused Octagon producers have denied the claims.

In a ruling in October, the judge in the case approved the freeze of the two Octagon producers' assets. That decision was made following an allegation by W2's CEO that the producers would dissipate or dispose of assets.

The case is expected back in court a few months from now in February 2019. A chance to return sooner is in the cards. That is if the accountants do not agree on what is found.

For fans of historical dramas, Octagon Films may be a familiar fixture when it comes to spotting production logos. Octagon has not only produced History's Vikings, but it has also produced the Showtime smash, The Tudors. Interestingly, both series have starred Jonathon Rhys Meyers in prominent roles.

Jonathon Rhys Meyers starred in the lead role of King Henry VIII in The Tudors. Years later, he joined the cast of Vikings in the final scene of the series' fourth season. He made his full-fledged debut as Heahmund in Season 5.

Along with Vikings and The Tudors, Octagon Films has also produced two other Showtime historical series. Those would be the Eva Green horror series Penny Dreadful as well as The Borgias, which starred Jeremy Irons and Midnight, Texas' François Arnaud. At this point, Vikings has been the most enduring of Octagon Film's high-profile historical dramas.

Penny Dreadful and The Borgias each lasted for three seasons. A spinoff of the former series is currently in the works. Vikings, on the other hand, is on the verge of premiering the second half of its fifth season. Of the three Showtime series mentioned above, The Tudors comes closest to Vikings' run with its four-season stint.

Vikings has a steady lead though with its fifth season finishing up and a sixth one on its way. Despite the off-screen drama, Vikings is set to sail into the second half of Season 5 on Wednesday, November 28 at 9 p.m. ET on History. The long-running drama is among many series returning with new seasons this fall and the midseason.

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