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Hawaii Five-0 Is Bringing Michelle Borth's Catherine Back For A Wild Episode

Hawaii Five-0 Michelle Borth Catherine Rollins CBS
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When Hawaii Five-0 returns following its midseason finale, someone special will be joining Steve and Danny. Michelle Borth's Catherine will be along for the ride. Her return will be part of a wild episode.

Michelle Borth will reprise her role as Catherine in Hawaii Five-0's midseason premiere, per TVLine. What is drawing Caroline back again? Unfortunately, it is a dire set of circumstances. Those events will be set into motion during this Friday's midseason finale.

In the upcoming episode, a member of McGarrett's ohana will be murdered. Thus, setting the stage for the intense episode of Hawaii Five-0 that lies ahead. As you may have suspected by now, Catherine will be returning to help McGarrett and Danny, among others, bring down the killer.

To find them it is going to require many to bring the murderer down. With Catherine also joining the effort, this crime should be solved in no time. The character's return is her third, since departing Hawaii Five-0 back in Season 6. Catherine previously returned for an episode that aired in April.

Based on the report, it sounds as though Catherine's return is only set for a single episode. Hopefully, the midseason premiere will leave the door open for her to return in the future. What will this brief reunion mean for McGarrett and Catherine?

With a murder set to shake Steve, it would make sense if he was contemplating life a little more deeply. Perhaps he reassesses and decides he wants Catherine to be a part of his life going forward. Or this episode is solely to bring a fun character back into the fray. Either way, it should be interesting.

For now, the question is who will die in Season 9, Episode 10? The promo for the episode has McGarrett talking about members of his SEAL team being murdered. It also indicates an old mission is somehow involved. The promo also shows McGarrett warning an unseen person that an RPG was coming into the house he was standing inside. Could another death occur in its wake?

Fans will have to tune in and find out. Perhaps catching this villain will take two episodes to get done. That could mean they are dealing with a major baddie. Hawaii Five-0 is still taking bold strides in Season 9. Whether the return of Michelle Borth's Catherine shakes things up on a long-standing level will also be in play.

There is no shortage of story coming up on the long-running series. Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Following its fall finale, it will be among those returning in the midseason. The procedural has been one of many shows that returned this fall. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV and Movie news.

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