Hawaii Five-O Cast A New Villain Who Used To Date McGarrett

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Hawaii Five-O will be touching on the past in its future season courtesy of a new character that's been cast for Season 9. And, she will be both McGarrett's new foe and former flame. It's all going down in the special season premiere that will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the action drama franchise, and actress Rochelle Aytes will be tackling this intriguing new role.

Mistresses' Rochelle Aytes has been cast in the recurring role of Greer, per TVLine. She is a CIA operative who is keen, brilliant, and cunning. All skills that have undoubtedly served her well in her position. While she and McGarrett share a romantic past, he will have to manage those feelings for what lies ahead. That's because she is also described as not being completely trustworthy and, perhaps most foreboding of all, dangerous!

As you might have expected, given the latter part of that description, Greer will be Season 9's Big Bad for the first few episodes of the season. Thankfully, for those already taken with the suspense of the storyline, fans will not have to wait long for Greer to be introduced. The character will make her debut in the season premiere, and her arc will span several episodes. So, she will be sticking around for a while.

It turns out a full exploration of the character has been a long time coming. And, by long time, I mean ever since the beginning of the show. Hawaii Five-O set fans up for a storyline involving Greer all the way back in the pilot. Series showrunner Peter M. Lenkov reminded fans that the character was introduced in the pilot episode of the now long-running reboot with a mention of her romantic past with McGarrett when he was in uniform.

Given that she is slated to be Season 9's Big Bad, it does not sound like Greer and McGarrett will reprise their romance. Although, maybe her villainy is a big misunderstanding and they will work it out, salvaging the romance that was once between them. Hey, a romantic must hope, right?

Things like that can happen, and given that fans have waited nine seasons for Greer to be introduced, it seems possible there could be more to her arc than her turning out to solely be a villain.

Find out how McGarrett handles this latest bit of conflict when Season 9 gets underway. Hawaii Five-O premieres on September 28 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. If you are curious about what else is coming up on CBS' lineup, you can check out the network's fall schedule here. For other new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres. Summer is not over yet, though! Check out the new shows still coming with CinemaBlend's summer premiere guide.

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