Blue Bloods, NCIS: New Orleans, And Many More CBS Shows Have Been Renewed

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While CBS had already put in official renewals for a handful of its most popular shows, such as The Big Bang Theory and NCIS, many more series were left waiting in the wings, while fans remained as optimistic as possible. Some very good news came today, as CBS renewed Tom Selleck's long-running hit Blue Bloods for Season 9, Michael Weatherly's sophomore drama Bull for Season 3, NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: Los Angeles and seven more hugely popular primetime series.

While Blue Bloods isn't one of those CBS dramas that people are always going on about obsessively, the Tom Selleck drama is consistently one of the ten most watched TV shows in any given year, and it's pulling that feat off from a Friday night time slot. So I don't think anyone can question why the network confirmed Blue Bloods Season 9 will be showing up this fall. Similarly, Michael Weatherly's Bull doesn't get the same kind of buzzworthy attention that the actor's old gig NCIS still gets in Season 15, but it has also maintained a top slot in the scripted TV ranks, so Season 3 almost definitely won't be the last renewal that Weatherly hears about in the coming years.

Speaking of the almighty NCIS franchise, both of the crime drama's location-based spinoffs also picked up renewals from CBS. NCIS: New Orleans recently said goodbye to series regular Shalita Grant and Agent Sonja Percy, but we can possibly expect to hear about some new cast additions as the upcoming Season 5 comes together. (Especially if the season ends badly for another big character.) Meanwhile, NCIS: Los Angeles will duke it out for Season 10, giving newest cast member Nia Long another year to kick ass and track down names alongside LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell.

Three more of CBS' primetime dramas were lucky enough to get renewed, too, though luck is less of an issue than the network's continually massive audience base. Téa Leoni's Secretary of State Bess McCord will be back for more political drama for Madam Secretary Season 5. Blue Bloods' fellow Friday night dramas Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver can celebrate just as heartily, as those shows were renewed for Season 9 and Season 3, respectively.

CBS also announced a handful of renewals on the unscripted front. Currently in the middle of its game-changing Ghost Island season, Survivor will definitely be back again for more sun-drenched deviousness with Season 37. Having just wrapped its thirtieth cycle of globetrotting episodes, The Amazing Race will continue challenging its contestants when Season 31 hits later later this year. And then continuing some of the longest TV streaks out there, CBS News' 60 Minutes and 48 Hours were renewed for Season 51 and Season 30, respectively.

All of these renewals join the previously re-ordered Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Mom, NCIS, Seal Team and S.W.A.T. All of those were no-brainers, but there are also a few presumed no-brainers that still have yet to get officially renewed. Such as a little drama called Criminal Minds, and the sitcoms Kevin Can Wait and Man with a Plan, to name a few. Time will tell where the network goes with the remaining bubble shows, and then we'll be there to share the news, celebratory or disappointing.

Criminal Minds will be airing its Season 13 finale on Wednesday, April 18, at 10:00 p.m. ET, and you can check out when all the other season-enders will air with our handy season finale rundown. And then check out our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere schedule to see all the shows that will be popping up on CBS (opens in new tab) and beyond.

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