Hawaii Five-0 Alum Grace Park Is Returning To Primetime In A New Show

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In the past couple of years, the majority of CBS' biggest dramas went through an assortment of casting shake-ups, with some stoking viewers' ire more than others. There was much noise made when Hawaii Five-0 star Grace Park was let go from the Friday night staple after seven seasons (alongside Daniel Dae Kim), but Park's fans should be happy to hear that she has now landed her first big show since departing Hawaii. She has joined the ensemble cast of ABC's upcoming drama A Million Little Things.

A Million Little Things centers on a group of friends in Boston who all bonded together in surprising ways. Each of them feel bogged down by life, regardless of how successful they otherwise are (or aren't). And so when one of them unexpectedly dies, it inspires the rest to start embracing their time on Earth while they still have it, with the understanding that their friends could be their only saving grace. Within this story, Grace Park will play a working mother of the highest order named Katherine.

Katherine has a legal career that she aims to keep moving in a forward direction, though it's complicated by having to juggle parenthood on top of it all. The frustrating thing for Katherine is that she feels as if she can't be successful in one area without having to make sacrifices in the other. Part of that is due to her marriage to Eddie, played by former Grimm star David Giuntoli. When they got together, Eddie was a successful musician, but that time is now behind them, with Katherine serving as the family's sole financial provider. No wonder she's stressed.

This is actually a recasting story more than a straight-up casting story, as Grace Park is replacing the previously cast actress Anne Son, best known for Noah Hawley's short-lived twentysomething dramedy My Generation. Son played the role of Katherine in the already-filmed pilot, but it's assumed that ABC will be refilming the pilot's scenes in which Katherine appears.

As previously stated, A Million Little Things will be the first TV show that Grace Park has lined up in the aftermath of her much maligned ousting from Hawaii Five-0. Prior to landing that CBS drama, Park's biggest break came via Battlestar Galactica, earning her a huge group of fans for life. She remained mostly exclusive to Hawaii Five-0, too, only diverting from that path for a crossover episode with MacGyver in 2017, and for a pair of vocal appearances on American Dad. Otherwise, she also took part in the 2017 feature _Adventures in Public School. _

A Million Little Things is created by DJ Nash, who was behind a bunch of decent short-lived comedies over the years, such as Traffic Light and Growing Up Fisher. It will also co-star Ron Livingston, Romany Malco, Allison Miller, Christina Moses, James Roday, Christina Ochoa, Stephanie Szostak and Lizzy Greene.

At his point, it's not clear exactly when A Million Little Things will make its way to audiences, but it's expected to hit ABC this fall, so stay tuned. While waiting, head to our summer premiere schedule to see what else is popping into primetime soon.

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