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Although The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale came to an end on Netflix a while ago, its star's career is not slowing down. Joel McHale has joined the ranks of actors bringing superheroes to life. DC Universe has cast McHale in one of its upcoming series -- Stargirl!

Now to the superhero Joel McHale will be playing. It is a crucial one! McHale has signed on to star as Starman. Yes, McHale will be the one to bring Sylvester Pemberton and his superhero alter ego to life. In the comics, Sylvester went by Star-Spangled Kid or Skyman. Despite that, DC Universe clearly states that Stargirl's Sylvester will go by Starman. Now to the specifics.

The version of Starman he will be playing is described as "Golden Age Starman." He is said to be "courageous" and "confident." Also known is that on Stargirl, Sylvester Pemberton is a "rich socialite."

Starman is also a member of the illustrious Justice Society of America. Like many superheroes, he has a sidekick. Starman's goes by Stripesy. Stars and stripes? Anyway, Stripesy's real name is Pat Dugan, and he is Stargirl's stepdad.

So, it makes total sense for Starman to make his share of appearances on Stargirl. DC Universe previously revealed some intriguing details about the series. It will follow the "smart, athletic" and "kind" Courtney Whitmore.

The teenager's life takes a huge turn when her mother marries, and the family moves from L.A. to Nebraska. She ultimately makes a significant discovery about her stepdad's life. He's a superhero's sidekick. Not too long after, Courtney takes Starman's Cosmic Staff and becomes the inspiration for a new generation of superheroes.

Joel McHale's casting as Starman marks the addition of another crucial facet to the cast. McHale is a strong choice, who should infuse a sense of humor to the series. That is if he is given a chance to play that.

Considering that Stargirl chose to cast him, you would think they had that in mind. Superhero dramas can tend to be just that -- dramas. A bit of comedy goes a long way, especially when you are dealing with a world that can often be grim.

Joel McHale is not the only actor to bring Sylvester Pemberton to life. In 2010, the character appeared in live-action form on Smallville. Actor Jim Shield played the role during the long-running series' two-hour special event Absolute Justice. On Smallville, Sylvester went by Star-Spangled Kid.

In that episode, it is Sylvester's murder that sets off the ensuing events. Hopefully Joel McHale's version of the character does not face similar mortality. It would be a waste of great casting.

Joel McHale has what it takes to play a great superhero. He tends to play his roles with a quirky, fun and lively quality. Those are always good attributes to have on a superhero show. McHale will recur on the series according to Variety, which may hint at how much screen time he gets.

In DC Universe's earlier description of the series, it refers to Starman being "long-lost." Given that Pat has Starman's Cosmic Staff, it makes sense to presume Starman has stepped out of the spotlight when Stargirl begins. When the show premieres, his superhero status should be better known.

A premiere date has not yet been set for Stargirl, so stay tuned. Tons of shows airing this fall and throughout the midseason will keep you busy.

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