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First Look At Black Lightning's Jennifer In Full Superhero Costume

The Pierces have another full-outfitted member of their superhero family. The CW series has made it official by revealing Jennifer Pierce's new costume. Get a glimpse at China Anne McClain's Jennifer rocking her electrifying new look via the Twitter embed below:

Jennifer looks amazing! Fans will get to see her take action in the new suit when Black Lightning returns following the midseason hiatus. While we do not know when exactly Jennifer will return to her family in Season 2, we know she will have a suit at some point following the show's return.

The Pierces are now a fully costumed superhero trio, as Jennifer joins her father and sister in having an official suit. Jennifer's outfit features yellow accents that complement her sister's costume. That is in line with how their superhero names also complement one another, with Anissa being Thunder and Jennifer as Lightning.

The new costume reveal gives fans something to look forward to while they await the second half of Black Lightning Season 2. In the midseason finale, Jennifer and Khalil continued their journey. At the same time, Jennifer's family searched high and low for her.

Jefferson and Anissa eventually found the barn she and Khalil were inside. However, the duo was already gone when they arrived. With Jennifer still in the wind, fans have some time to speculate about her future.

It would seem that her reunion with her family should not be too far off. Perhaps it will come sooner rather than later. DC Comics sharing this glimpse of Jennifer's Lightning suit would seem to indicate she will be back before long.

The first half of Black Lightning's second season finished up on Tuesday, December 10. Within the same week the midseason finale aired, DC has already offered a significant tease to tide fans over. The CW will be without its large stable of superheroes for a while.

The Arrow-verse just completed its highly anticipated crossover event, called "Elseworlds." Could Black Lightning join the next installment to lend a hand in the coming crisis? Black Lightning's showrunner weighed in on the potential. That is not the only question regarding the superhero drama's future.

Will other DC superheroes be introduced on Black Lightning? Earlier this year, the series' showrunner indicated that was not part of the current plan. Salim Akil expressed a desire to continue probing the Pierce family and instead focusing on how Jefferson's daughters deal with their powers and their identities.

The reveal of Jennifer's suit supports that notion. Black Lightning is going all in. The series had its fall finale this past Tuesday. Black Lightning will return Monday, January 21, 2019, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The superhero drama will be among many shows returning in the midseason and throughout the new year.

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