The Masked Singer Spoilers: Watch A Pineapple Man's Rough Performance Of I Will Survive

The competition and mystery were high on the latest installment of The Masked Singer, as a new batch of competitors took the stage to compete for singing supremacy. The bottom three were announced, and at the episode's end, it was time to reveal which contestant would be unmasked and removed from the singing competition. It ended up being Pineapple who was sent home, as the fruit man popped off his dome to reveal his identity to America.

Before the unmasking, however, The Pineapple took the stage to give a spirited but rough performance of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." Of course, that was partly intentional as the version was more similar to the version performed by the band Cake, but in either case, it was clear this wasn't the voice of a trained singer.

The performance wasn't the best, but certainly decent for what it was. Unfortunately decent wasn't enough for Pineapple to survive his face off with the Raven, who performed Kesha "Rainbow" rather flawlessly. It also wasn't enough to gain him favor over Alien and Poodle, who both were at risk despite strong performances. Had Pineapple performed in the first episode he might have "survived," but amongst this crowd, it wasn't in the cards.

The moment of truth came, and when the mask came off the mystery performer was a name the American people know rather well. That's especially true if they're the marijuana-loving type, as Pineapple turned out to be none other than stoner comedian and actor Tommy Chong. Chong was all smiles when the mask popped off, and gave some props to the judges for their guesses.

Credit to Jenny McCarthy for getting it right the second time, but more credit to Twitter for getting it right first! The masses on social media were all on top of Pineapple's clue video, which featured one not-so-subtle clue he was the popular Up In Smoke actor. The license plate on Pineapple's Pink Cadillac just so happened up to correlate to Chong's birthday, which had many pretty confident they had it figured out.

Credit to the group effort of fans on Twitter who sleuthed this reveal on The Masked Singer out even with the show taking clever precautions. It makes one wonder how many other guesses the internet managed to get, as there are already some popular names rising for the other mystery contestants in the time following the episode's end. Will the hot streak continue, or will The Masked Singer trick viewers into rallying behind a choice only for it to be dead wrong? Take a look at the reveal for yourself!

The Masked Singer airs on Fox Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to keep up with our best guesses behind who the masked competitors are, and visit our midseason premiere guide for more dates for shows new and returning in 2019.

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