HBO Has Won Twitter With Hilarious Sopranos Anniversary Posts

2019 marks 20 years since the premiere of The Sopranos, and HBO found the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. The premium subscription network spent some time on Twitter and offered to give mobster nicknames to those who replied to its post. Almost immediately, the thread was flooded with replies from random fans, famous folks, and well-known brands all hoping to get their very own Sopranos nickname. HBO was more than happy to oblige and doled out names accordingly.

A character on The Sopranos wouldn't appreciate a nickname typically reserved for federal agents, and having someone with that name on the show would've been very confusing. That said, it's hard to say HBO didn't nail it in the case of tennis legend Roger Federer, who absolutely should start putting that name on all of his future trophies. Imagine that nickname on the Wimbledon championship and try to act like it wouldn't make professional tennis just a smidge cooler!

Roger Federer and others may have been suitably satisfied with their nicknames, but it's possible there were a few that walked away from the situation displeased. The WWE, for example, dared to tweet HBO for its Sopranos nickname and got a backhanded burn in reply.

Yikes, an allegation that owner Vince McMahon and his family are a bunch of no-good criminals? To be fair, the shady accusation is in line with Vince's wrestling persona, although the WWE social media person may have regretted sending that tweet. Of all The Sopranos nicknames HBO sent out, that one was one of its most biting. Keep in mind though this is the same program that had a guy whose nickname was Big Pussy, so it could've been worse.

HBO didn't get quite that filthy with its Twitter fun, but the animal kingdom did come into play. Actor Macaulay Culkin hopped in on the fun and wanted to see what nickname he would've had he had a guest role on The Sopranos. Sadly, the stars never aligned, which means this amazing nickname will only be used if Culkin ever decides to become a "made man."

To be honest, celebrating The Sopranos 20th anniversary by giving out nicknames on Twitter is about the least gangster thing the show could've done. With that said, it was easily one of the most entertaining things any network has done in a long time. The only thing that could've topped it was a trailer for the upcoming prequel movie, which, unfortunately, didn't show up.

HBO didn't spend The Sopranos' 20th anniversary only sending out snarky nicknames on social media, however, and had an added bonus a select few people were privileged to get. The network sent out very special deliveries to members of the media, who received meals of baked ziti from the New York City restaurant Carmines.

Those looking to binge The Sopranos in its entirety can absolutely do so right now with an HBO subscription. For a look at new shows coming to television in the year, be sure to visit our midseason premiere guide.

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