Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness and Karamo Brown have channeled Lady Gaga to perform her hit song "Telephone" for a new Lip Sync Battle. The third season of Netflix's hit reboot is still on the horizon. Hitting your television screen much sooner is two of the Fab Five lip-syncing the pop classic. Watch the clip below:

Jonathan Van Ness and Karamo brought their A-game to Lip Sync Battle! Lady Gaga would most assuredly approve. The Queer Eye stars' determination to capture the spirit of the song and music video did not just extend to their impressive dance moves either. Karamo shared how far his commitment to their powerhouse performance went.

After they finished, Karamo revealed that he wore high heels for the first time just the day before his Lip Sync Battle performance. To drive the point home of how well he had mastered his high heel skills, Karamo thrilled the audience with an authoritative strut.

Chrissy Teigen was clearly impressed by Karamo and Jonathan Van Ness's take on the Lady Gaga classic. Teigen noted their performance was "theater" before saying it was "gorgeous." Will Van Ness and Karamo be named the champions? You will have to tune into the episode to find out.

Based on the costumes of the other members of the Fab Five, it seems as though Jonathan Van Ness and Karamo will have to battle a Britney Spears lip sync challenge from their co-stars. This is going to be a tough competition.

Hearing "Telephone" again and seeing it performed with such gusto definitely makes me want to listen to it on repeat, all over again. As hard as it is to believe, Lady Gaga first dialed up the smash hit nearly a decade ago in 2010. The music video also featured Beyoncé as the character Honey Bee.

As for Lip Sync Battle, last year the show saw The Bachelor's Ben Higgins show off his moves. Alicia Silverstone also revived her Clueless character for a Lip Sync Battle. So, to say the show is close to pop culture's heart may be an understatement. Queer Eye remains close to pop culture's main pulse. The Netflix series was and continues to be a huge hit for the streaming giant.

Making the clip all the more heartwarming is seeing how supportive the other members of the Fab Five were of their co-stars. No matter who wins, they will always have each other.

It will be tough for the other members of the Fab Five to beat Karamo and Jonathan Van Ness' rendering of "Telephone." Catch the rest of the Queer Eye cast's performances when their episode of Lip Sync Battle airs.

Lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. The third season of Queer Eye has yet to receive an official premiere date. So, stay tuned. Even more, new episodes of shows await viewers in the midseason.

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