Chris Noth's New Show Gone Looks Perfect For Law And Order Fans

Chris Noth made a name for himself on the small screen thanks to his long-running gig on Law & Order. Although he's gone on to tackle a variety of roles, a number of his fans undoubtedly remember him best for his performances as Detective Mike Logan. Well, there's no sign of him returning to the Law & Order franchise via SVU as another former star did, but his new WGN America show, called Gone, looks perfect for Law & Order fans. Take a look at the trailer!

Yes, WGN America's Gone will feature Chris Noth as well as another Law & Order franchise alum, although the other alum spent his time in Special Victims. Noth is slated to play FBI Agent Frank Novak, and the footage from the trailer seems to indicate that he won't be in the thick of the action, but rather overseeing the missions to recover abduction victims before they lose their lives. While he's not exactly Mike Logan, the two characters likely share a passion for justice!

According to the early description of the series, Agent Frank Novak put together a special task force focused on solving missing persons cases and abductions. He recruits a child-abduction survivor by the name of Kit Lannigan, who became determined to never become a victim ever again and therefore trained herself in physical combat and firearms. She was rescued by Novak when she was a little girl, and her case got a great deal of attention from the press. We can probably count on some intense scenes between the two characters.

Kit's new partner is where Law & Order: SVU alum Danny Pino comes in. Pino will play former Army intelligence officer John Bishop, and the trailer indicates that he'll generally be the one in the field with Kit. SVU fans know that Pino knows how to handle the role of a law enforcement officer in action quite well. Interestingly, Leven Rambin, who plays Kit, is also a Law & Order franchise veteran, although not as a cop. She played a high school student in a memorable episode about teen drinking.

Gone is slated to run for 12 episodes as a limited series, although we shouldn't rule out an extended run or even second season if the first batch of episodes is a hit. Chris Noth as headliner could cause the kind of buzz that will attract a sizable audience, and the format of the series seems like one that could hook viewers. Crime procedurals are so prevalent and enjoy such long runs for a reason!

Unfortunately, folks excited about Gone still have a bit of a wait before they can get a good look at Chris Noth in his new role. The series doesn't premiere on WGN America until Wednesday, February 27 at 9 p.m. ET. The good news is that there are plenty of viewing options to watch in the meantime, including some crime procedurals. The end is nigh for Criminal Minds, but the sole remaining installment in the Law & Order franchise is going strong. Swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule for some viewing options.

Laura Hurley
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