Meghan Markle Reportedly Already Misses Suits

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In the spring of this year, Suits fans said goodbye to Rachel Zane and, in extension, Meghan Markle, who was about to embark on a new journey across the pond. A few short weeks later, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Meghan Markle's life will -- and already does -- look a lot different than her old life, but there's a part of her that reportedly still misses acting and her pals on the set of the USA series. A fan recently interacted with the Duchess, and recalled how the two spoke about Suits, noting,

I'm a fan of Suits and I said to her that I miss it and she said, 'So do I.'

The fan, Fiona Moore, said she spoke with Meghan Markle when the former actress was out and about with Prince Harry in Dublin on Wednesday. Fans stuck around to catch a glimpse of the newest member of the Royal Family and she stopped to talk with some of them. Hello Magazine spoke with Moore after the event, and Moore revealed Markle was happy to speak out about Suits.

Very few people know how it feels to go from a career woman to a member of a royal family, and Meghan Markle is a particularly special story, as she did a lot in her life before uprooting herself to the U.K. She ran her own website. She acted in myriad projects and was a major character on Suits. She was even married previously, well before she met Prince Harry. She had a whole life before saying 'I do" to her new husband, and I'd imagine that although there is a lot of wonderful stuff that is coming with all of her new duties and experiences, there are probably some feelings about leaving her old life behind, as well.

Nonetheless, while both Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle are no longer going to be a part of Suits, the series will live on. Season 8 of Suits has already been announced. In addition, USA Network has also greenlighted the Suits spinoff that will be starring Gina Torres, who left the original series during Season 6, with her character pursuing a career in Chicago. The Season 7 finale of Suits also worked as a backdoor pilot for the spinoff. So, not only is Suits thriving, but it will be becoming a full-fledged franchise, as well. Not to bad for a series that started out being about a dude faking it as a lawyer thanks to an eidetic memory.

At the end of Season 7 of Suits, Mike and Rachel were finally married. Around that time, USA decided it was the perfect moment to announce the spinoff series was happening. Then, Meghan Markle got her big day in real life, as well. As it turns out, everyone gets a happy ending.

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