Batwoman Casts 3 Major Roles For The CW Pilot

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane Batwoman The CW

Plans for The CW’s Batwoman series are heating up! The potential show just cast three more major roles for its pilot, to join Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman. If you are a fan of supernatural, superhero, and suspense series, the new cast members are familiar faces. Let’s get to the first casting!

Unreal Meagan Tandy Chantal Lifetime

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Teen Wolf’s Meagan Tandy has been cast in the pivotal role of Sophie Moore, per Deadline. Sophie is a military academy graduate, who is now a high-level private security agent. That's a spot she earned after rising through the ranks.

She is also one of Gotham’s most ardent protectors. Sophie is described as having "bite" and a "regimented outlook." Proving there are always two sides to a person, Sophie has a softer one, which is brought to life by the return of Kate Kane.

Fans of Teen Wolf will recall Meagan Tandy for her performance as the memorable mercenary Braeden. She starred in multiple seasons of the werewolf drama. As pictured above, Tandy also starred in the second season of the Lifetime drama UnReal.

There's Johnny Camrus Johnson Rasheed Hulu

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Next up is the casting of Luke Cage’s Camrus Johnson. He joins the Batwoman pilot in the role of Luke Fox. Luke is the son of Wayne’s Research and Development director Lucius Fox. (Morgan Freeman played Lucius Fox in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy.)

Lucius Fox's son Luke has taken on the role as the "guardian of all things Batman," with specific attention paid to Batman’s symbol. At the same time, Luke recognizes the need for his city to have a new hero. Could the Batwoman pilot see Luke become Batwing? That line seems to open the door to the possibility.

Fans of Netflix’s Luke Cage will remember Camrus Johnson for his recurring role on the series. He played Torre. He also stars in Hulu’s There’s…Johnny, as pictured above.

YOU Nicole Kang Lynn Lifetime Netflix

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The third and final role cast is YOU’s Nicole Kang as Kate Kane’s step-sister, Mary Hamilton. In the report, Mary is said to be "excitable" and "talkative." The bubbly-sounding character is also an "influencer-in-the-making," something that hints Mary may be a social media maven.

Mary is also described as being the total opposite of Kate. What they do have in common is "compassion for Gotham’s underserved communities." All of which sounds like the groundwork for a connection Mary can build on with Kate, a.k.a. Batwoman.

As for Nicole Kang, viewers of Netflix’s smash hit YOU will recognize Kang for her role as Lynn, pictured above. She recurred throughout Season 1 as one of Beck’s closest friends.

Fans did not have to wait for a Batwoman solo series to get their first glimpse at Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane. The character made her Arrow-verse debut in the TV franchise’s crossover event entitled “Elseworlds.” This casting news will undoubtedly excite fans anxious for the latest update on the pilot.

Having cast three more pivotal roles, the Batwoman pilot is coming together. For now, fans must wait for word on whether the pilot will get picked up to series. Some fans have been left disappointed in the past, with others receiving positive news. Since The CW has already given Batwoman a high-profile debut, all signs seem hopeful.

If Batwoman gets picked up, it will premiere on The CW. The Arrow-verse will be going strong throughout the midseason with new episodes.

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