The Arrow-verse's Batwoman First Look Shows Off The Franchise's Best Suit Yet

As bizarrely entertaining as it was to watch the various Arrow-verse characters take on evil Nazi versions of themselves in last year's "Crisis on Earth-X" mega-crossover, this year's multi-show even sounds even more fantastic. For this will be viewers' introduction not only to The CW's Gotham City, but also to Ruby Rose's Batwoman. You can get your first full look at her below, and I think most will agree this is the Arrow-verse's best supersuit yet.

arrow-verse batwoman ruby rose

Everything about this image looks right in line with everything I was hoping to see from Batwoman's first foray into modern live-action TV. Granted, a mostly black costume like this is automatically going to look slick, which is what helps make Batman looks smoother than all the other superheroes out there. (Hot bat-take.) But it's easy to forget Bruce Wayne's name after getting a look at Kate Kane in all her Batwoman glory. Get this woman her own TV show!

It's easy to tell that the various producers and execs among the different shows wanted to bring Batwoman as close to her comic book looks as possible, and they've succeeded in (two) flying colors. Her hair looks great. The cowl looks great. The big bat emblem on the chest looks great. The belt looks great. And I can already say that I'm going to be kinda pissy if DC doesn't start selling those Batwoman capes in stories.

Unfortunately, Batwoman's trek to The CW hasn't been the most uneventful one, as some fans backlashed against Kate Kane for being a lesbian (even though she's also a lesbian in the comics), allegedly causing Ruby Rose to hop off of social media for a while. Here's hoping this first look at the character's banging costume will squash anyone's gripes.

Things will look a little different for this year's big Arrow-verse crossover, and I'm not only talking about getting to visit Gotham City for the first time. (But boy, am I excited about that.) This will be the first year since its debut that Legends of Tomorrow won't factor into the team-up adventure. Mostly it's because there are so many actors and characters on Legends that it makes it hard to schedule everything. But I think part of it is also Ray Palmer would end up meeting up with Lucius Fox and spending the entire crossover talking shop.

All the Arrow-verse shows will be debuting this week, starting with The Flash on Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 p.m. But you'll be able to see Batwoman making her debut when the crossover event starts up on The CW on Sunday, December 9. To see what other shows are popping up on the small screen soon, head to our fall TV premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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