Netflix's Big Mouth Is Getting A Valentine's Special, Watch The Orgasmic Trailer

Fans of the animated Netflix comedy Big Mouth thought they probably had months upon months to wait until seeing anything new from the show, but it's surprised us all by preparing to drop a Valentine's Day special that looks as though it will be positively orgasmic. Take a look!

Well, I can see that Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, the real-life best friends who came up with this adorably raunchy and honest show about kids going through puberty, will continue to hold nothing back when it comes to just how awkward sex and relationships can make us feel. While we'll have to wait until the special hits Netflix on February 8 to see why Kroll's character (who just happens to also be named Nick) is chatting with Jessi's Hormone Monstress over lunch, from the looks of how they wrap things up, we can probably bet that their conversation will be illuminating.

There's a lot going on with the kids (and adults) of Bridgeton Middle School this "Valentime's" Day, and I wouldn't expect any less from such a sexually confused and sometimes hilariously angry bunch. It looks like Andrew is totally done with his ill-fated fling with Lola and is determined to finally spell out his feelings for Missy in time for the romantic holiday, but she may have moved on. Devin and DeVon seem to be going trough a rocky period, which I'm sure she'll find a way to take out on everyone else.

Jay is going to enjoy a flame-filled celebration, complete with penis and boob balloons, after what looks like some sort of American Ninja Warrior style competition. But, if you think his kissing buddy Jessi will be there to congratulate him, it actually looks like he's taken up with yet another sexually adventurous pillow, and his date for the evening may actually be Suzette, the motel pillow Jay had his first ever bisexual pillow threesome with, so, maybe things are getting serious for those two? I would ask what one feeds a sex pillow during a romantic dinner, but I've already spent too much time thinking about sex pillows, so I'm gonna move on.

Meanwhile, Jessi and Matthew will be having a surprisingly good time together at the school dance, Connie and Maurice (Hormone Monstress and Monster, respectively) do not care about your snack table, Nick has been forced into watching his parents act all lovey dovey during their Valentine's date and even Coach Steve is getting in on the action. If you want to call it "action," because I'm sure his new "girlfriend," Reese's Wertherspoons, will only disappoint him at some point in the near future.

You can check out the Big Mouth Valentine's Day special when it hits Netflix on February 8, and be sure to keep up with everything else coming to the small screen soon with our 2019 midseason premiere guide and Netflix premiere guide.

Adrienne Jones
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