The Game Of Thrones And Bud Light Crossover Super Bowl Ad Gets An A+

Bud Light is known for creating some of the most memorable Super Bowl ads of all time. And Game of Thrones is known for creating some of the most gruesomely badass TV scenes of all time. Those two concepts magically collided for one special commercial that bypassed the beer and promoted the upcoming premiere of Game of Thrones' final season. Check out an extended cut of the ad below!

Ever since Bud Light brought its regal conceit to the Dilly Dilly ads, there have been lots of conversations about the ads' similar aesthetic to Game of Thrones, albeit without some of the more supernatural and reality-bending elements. But who could have foreseen the beer giant actually partnering up with the HBO epic for this year's Super Bowl ad?

In fact, if you were watching this ad in live time, there's a good chance you had no idea a Game of Thrones crossover was coming during a Bud Light commercial, despite the fact the Super Bowl is both prime real estate for popular TV show ads and beer commercials. (If you did manage to call that, I bow down to you.) It seems like a regular "dilly dilly" ad until a dragon reaches the scene and burns to death the Bud Knight. Finally we get a Game of Thrones: The Final Season graphic along with the theme music, proving this is, in fact, a crossover we can all get behind.

In recent years, it has become more commonplace for ads to premiere online ahead of the big game, making this Bud Light and Game of Thrones crossover ad a real surprise for the millions of viewers watching. As someone who works online, I actually really miss the days when all of the ads were notable, new, and totally unique, as I often see several in advance of their actual release during the Super Bowl. More surprises in the future is never a bad thing, in my opinion.

All in all, we should be getting real Game of Thrones trailer footage fairly soon (we've seen some quick shots), but if this is the sort of teaser we're going to get in the meantime, I'm all for it, clearly. Hopefully, you were too.

Game of Thrones Season 8 will make its highly anticipated debut on HBO in April of this year and plenty of theories abound regarding what is coming down the pipeline ahead of the prequel. Stay tuned for more actual trailers and footage coming in the next couple of months. In the meantime, the midseason TV schedule has lots of other big winners for viewers to get invested in. For all of the details regarding what is coming during Season 8, be sure to take a look at what we know about the final season of the long-running show.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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