Netflix's You Adds A Gotham Star For Season 2

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You has added a Gotham star to the cast of Season 2. Before the Fox series has even fully come to an end, one of its main stars has already found his next role. You will welcome Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Oswald Cobblepot on Gotham, for its second season.

Robin Lord Taylor will join You in the intriguing role of Will in Season 2, per a Deadline exclusive. The kind of person Will is, and what he does, are both interestingly teased, with Will being described as “thoughtful, personable, and highly intelligent.”

Based on what is disclosed next, he also seems keen on independent thought. Will is said to “march to the beat of his own drummer,” which is an assessment that could indicate a desire for the You character’s independence. Unfortunately for Will, that may not be meant to last, as the character tease reveals that he gets caught in a not-great situation. What could it be?

Well, the hints of what he does to make a living could hold the key. Will is said to deal with “unsavory” people as an aspect of his job. Is he involved in some sort of criminal enterprise? Is it the mob? It does not say, but “unsavory” does not automatically translate into something criminal in nature.

You has not even aired a trailer or released a picture for Season 2, and it is already stirring up excitement. So, what exactly does You have planned for viewers? Okay, viewers now know the show will introduce a nice, smart guy and he is going to get caught up in a bad situation. His involvement in said situation is probably something he does not want.

Could Joe learn about this and leverage Will to do something for him? Joe seems to prefer a more solitary approach to self-preservation. It seems unlikely Will and Joe’s paths would collide in that manner. However, Joe’s Season 2 obsession could be the connection. “You” just never know.

Joe's new obsession could also hold the key. Season 2 will see Joe leave New York for Los Angeles, and while there, he will meet Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn, who is an aspiring chef with little interest in social media.

Will could also be working for Dr. Nicky’s defense team. Perhaps he has been hired to dig up dirt on Joe. If Will is a PI of some sort, he would have to deal with unsavory people on some level.

Love and Will are not the only characters set to be seen on You’s next season. Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Candace, will be back to take on a heightened presence in Season 2. Could Robin Lord Taylor’s character be involved with her? There is one way to know for sure, and that is to watch when the show returns to the small screen with new episodes.

You's first season is streaming on Netflix, alongside a lot of other TV content. Netflix has yet to announce a release date for Season 2, so stay tuned. It cannot come soon enough. The good news is there will be a lot of new TV content to watch in the meantime.

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