Marvel's Loki Series Lands A Rick And Morty Writer As Showrunner

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Marvel is bringing the God of Mischief back despite his apparent death in the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War with a Disney+ TV series, and now some new details have released about what's in store for Loki's venture on the small screen. Loki has landed a Rick and Morty alum to run the whole show: Michael Waldron.

Well, you may not have heard of Michael Waldron prior to him landing a gig that should be a very big deal, but there's a lot of potential with his selection. The Rick and Morty scribe is taking the reins of Loki and will be credited as creator, executive producer, and writer of the pilot.

In addition to Rick and Morty, Michael Waldron was on board the Starz pilot Heels, on which he was creator and showrunner. He's also developing a project called Florida Man for Paramount TV. He may have a great deal of untapped potential, and the reported premise of Loki should allow for a lot of creativity.

What will Loki be about? According to THR (which broke the news about Michael Waldron), sources say that Loki will follow the God of Mischief as he emerges at different points in human history, with his presence influencing historical events few would have ever thought to tie him to. His abilities as a shapeshifter will likely only help him in this role, although we should still count on seeing the Loki we know and love/love to hate. Tom Hiddleston is expected to star in the series.

Although Marvel has not commented on the reports of Loki's journey through human history or the selection of Michael Waldron as showrunner, the news does make sense. While Loki has "died" a number of times in the MCU already, his death in Avengers: Infinity War seems pretty permanent, so it was difficult to imagine how Marvel could produce a Loki series set after the events of that movie, even though the Avengers follow-up will undoubtedly bring some characters back.

By following the trickster in different periods of history, Loki could neatly sidestep the events of Infinity War and simply tackle him before his big death at the hands of Thanos. The report of Loki impacting time also tracks with a hint that Tom Hiddleston dropped not so long ago. It would likely be preferable to another rumor that was floating around.

That rumor stated that Tom Hiddleston's involvement with Loki would be more as a narrator and older man looking back on his life, with another actor playing younger Loki. Who wouldn't prefer a Loki series starring Tom Hiddleston at all times to a Loki with a different actor tackling the role? It wouldn't necessarily face the same kind of reception as Solo with Alden Ehrenreich in the role originated by Harrison Ford, but it might not be well-received all around.

Hopefully more details are released and confirmed in the not-too-distant future. Considering an update to Loki's official bio, we may want to count on him as more of a good guy than villain in his solo series. Also in the works at Disney+ on the Marvel front are projects starring Scarlet Witch and Vision as well as Falcon and Winter Soldier.

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