First Look At Greg Nicotero's Creepshow May Give You Nightmares

Greg Nicotero has given fans their first look at Creepshow, and it may give you nightmares. Just remember: you were warned. Prepare yourself for something seriously eerie and check out the haunting image below:

Greg Nicotero Creepshow Shudder

(Image credit: Greg Nicotero Instagram Screenshot)

Someone looks angry and possessed and more than a little dead! Imagine looking out of your window to find this looking back. It may make The Walking Dead’s Whisperers take a step back to reassess. Fans were enthusiastic in their response to Greg Nicotero’s post. Among them was The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So, you are not the only one looking forward to this series.

The frightening image did come with a more comforting caption. Greg Nicotero shared that the first episode of Creepshow has been completed. Hence, Creepshow is creeping ever closer to being completed entirely.

Greg Nicotero’s Creepshow series was announced last year. Nicotero has experience with conjuring upsetting imagery as The Walking Dead’s special effects makeup maestro. He is executive producing Creepshow and directing the first episode, which will be an episodic anthology. In other words, new episode = different story.

Creepshow has been taking considerable strides forward recently. Earlier this month, it was announced that the upcoming series would adapt a story written by Bird Box author, Josh Malerman. That episode will be entitled “House of the Head.” As its title hints, it involved a disturbing story comprised of a murder, a haunting, and a dollhouse. Creepy stuff!

Fresh off the buzz of the Netflix adaptation, the decision to adapt one of the Bird Box author’s short stories was likely an easy one. Josh Malerman is not the only author contributing source material to Creepshow’s first season. Horror legend Stephen King will also have one of his short stories brought to the screen.

“Survivor Type” is said to be one of Stephen King’s most disturbing works. So, expect to feel at least one shudder go up your spine while watching. If you feel up to watching it at all.

Considering the movie poster for the original Creepshow film, the image Greg Nicotero shared could be a callback of sorts. Like the picture he posted on Instagram, it also featured a skeleton with fabric draped around its head. Coincidence?

The excitement for the series is certainly building. To Creepshow’s credit, it is using special effects makeup to make its scares happen. With so much overemphasis being placed on CGI, it will be neat for genre fans to see something tangible.

This nightmarish first look gives fans a hint at what they should expect. One episode is done, and there will be more to go. Hopefully, for Creepshow followers, this will not be the last look at the new series before it premieres.

A release date has not yet been set for Creepshow. When it does premiere, it will do so on Shudder. It is currently expected to bow during 2019, so stay tuned. Lots of shows await viewers in the meantime.

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