The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies Has Landed Her Next TV Project

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Sarah Wayne Callies has landed her next TV role. The Walking Dead actress is ready to take on another television series after Colony. Callies has picked up a lead role in the pilot for NBC’s Council of Dads. Here is what you need to know.

First, here is some context. Council of Dads is inspired by Bruce Feiler’s memoir of the same name. The TV show will chronicle the lives of couple Scott and Robin, who are dealt an extraordinarily difficult blow when Scott is given a potentially terminal diagnosis.

Confronting the possibility that he may not live, Scott and Robin put together a group of carefully selected friends to support their family in the time ahead. Hence, the “council of dads.”

Scott and Robin are raising four children together. Those children range in age from as young as 7 up to the adult age of 21. Sarah Wayne Callies will play Robin in the potential series, per Deadline.

Along with navigating Scott’s diagnosis and the impact on their family, Robin is an OB/GYN. She is also pregnant. That’s right, the family’s number of four children is about to expand to five. Of course, this pregnancy could entail multiples, so you never know. (At least Sarah Wayne Callies is familiar with playing a pregnant woman on TV; let's hope this pregnancy ends better than what happened with the arrival of baby Judith on The Walking Dead.)

Either way, this family is going to have a lot going on. NBC is clearly looking to touch on the emotions brought on by its existing hit -- This Is Us. Considering the story's medical angle -- there seems to be some New Amsterdam elements as well.

The show's strong emotional foundation and the familial focus speak to similarities with both dramas. Could NBC put Council of Dads on the same night? It may be too soon to start talking about the schedule.

The role of Robin’s husband, Scott, has not been cast yet. That should happen soon, though. The series is currently in the pilot stages with Michele Weaver set to star as Scott’s oldest daughter, Luly. J. August Richards has signed on to star as Scott’s oncologist Dr. Oliver Post. Dr. Post will also be among the friends recruited for the council.

Since it is in the pilot stages, a series order has yet to be given. Council of Dads marks Sarah Wayne Callies' latest TV commitment since the end of USA’s Colony. She starred as the co-lead during the series’ three-season run.

For fans of The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies is best known for playing Lori, the wife of Rick Grimes and mother of Carl and Judith. She left that show when Lori died in Season 3.

If Council of Dads gets picked up, it will continue the actress’ streak of strong television turns. She went from the Fox hit Prison Break to the pop culture sensation The Walking Dead to the multi-season success of Colony.

If Sarah Wayne Callies’ new TV show is picked up, fans will find out no later than when NBC announces its fall schedule. In the meantime, many new shows await viewers in the midseason.

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