Luke Cage's Mike Colter Is Heading To A Big Network For His Next TV Project

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With Luke Cage's future somewhat up in the air, Mike Colter is wasting no time in getting another gig. The actor just signed on to star in an upcoming drama pilot which, if ordered to series, could see the actor join a major television network. Colter will co-star in Evil, and will play a character primed to go up against different types of evildoers and supernatural stuff should the project get wings at CBS.

Mike Colter will play blue collar contractor/catholic priest in-training David Dacosta, who is tasked with investigating paranormal incidents around the world. Under the orders of the church, he'll determine whether investigated miracles and demonic possessions are legit, or if there's some reasonable scientific explanation behind whatever is happening. Aiding Colter's Dacosta is clinical psychologist Kristen Benoist, who Deadline described as a skeptic in this whole process. Benoist is played by Katja Herbers, who will star opposite Colter in Evil.

The pilot hails from two CBS notables, Robert and Michelle King. The pair created the hit series The Good Wife, and are working with CBS TV Studios to make this project happen. This is not the first time the Kings have worked with Mike Colter, as the actor played the role of Lemond Bishop on The Good Wife and its spin off The Good Fight. Will Evil be the next big hit they'll all have a hand in?

It's obviously too soon to say, but one has to wonder what the prospects are for Mike Colter's future with Marvel should Evil get ordered to series. It's one thing to reprise a role for one episode when Luke Cage was in production, but being the star of a CBS drama and portraying Harlem's hero is a tall order. If Evil gets a series order and is a big success, it could possibly prevent Colter from returning to Luke Cage should the show return in some form.

In all fairness to Mike Colter, that's a future problem to be concerned with as there's been no definitive word from Marvel how its cancelled Netflix shows will come back. Plus, reports alleged Luke Cage wasn't the most popular show to begin with, which might've lessened its chance of return even further. Actors gotta eat, so it's not surprising an in-demand actor like Colter jumped on an opportunity while Marvel figures out what to do with the cancelled Netflix shows.

Evil is currently in development and there's no word whether it will get a series order at CBS, but folks can still travel on over to Netflix and watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Luke Cage if they're searching for that sweet (Christmas?) Mike Colter fix. For more on upcoming television shows that will arrive on television in the coming weeks head on over to our handy midseason premiere guide.

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