Allegedly, Luke Cage And Iron Fist Lost A Lot Of Viewers In Season 2

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New numbers are shining an alleged light on a looming mystery: why Netflix pulled the plug on two of its Marvel series. According to new stats, both Luke Cage and Iron Fist allegedly lost a lot of viewers when they returned for Season 2.

The streaming giant sent fans reeling with the announcement it had cancelled Iron Fist and Luke Cage. With fans struggling to understand why Netflix would disband the shows comes a quest for answers. Netflix has not publicly given a reason for the cancellations. So, all that has been left to do is speculate about the cause. Well, an analytics company may hold the answer, and the culprit is reportedly a recognizable one -- ratings.

The analytics company Jumpshot told Screen Rant that Iron Fist and Luke Cage both lost two-thirds of their viewership between Season 1 and Season 2. There was a difference in how much viewership each show allegedly lost. They were separated by a 5% margin. Iron Fist reportedly lost 64% of its Season 1 audience, whereas Luke Cage shed 59% of its.

While ratings tend to be a go-to answer for cancellation, Netflix does not share its numbers. So, these projections cannot be confirmed. Another angle to this report is that the company only has access to US members. Therefore, putting international viewership outside of its reach, and that is crucial component to consider.

This information does align with rumblings regarding social media buzz surrounding the two series. Recent data had indicated that both Luke Cage and Iron Fist experienced steep declines in social media posts following their first seasons.

That is not an indication of the show's ratings. It does, however, suggest that there was a social media decline between the series' first seasons and their second. For fans hoping for definitive answers, the wait wears on.

Iron Fist was cancelled on October 12. In a one-two punch, Netflix announced that it had cancelled Luke Cage the following week. The shockwaves have continued to reverberate, leading to the fate of Netflix's first Marvel series, Daredevil, being put in question.

Upon the cancellation of Iron Fist and Luke Cage, there had been speculation of a potential spinoff: a Heroes for Hire series starring both protagonists. Whether that ends up happening, only time will tell. Danny Rand did make his way to the second season of Luke Cage. So, there is reason to hope there could be something to it. One would think they brought the characters together with a purpose in mind.

Hopefully, Netflix will reveal the causation behind its decisions. Knowing the truth will not bring the Marvel shows back. It could impact the frustration surrounding not understanding why they will not be though.

Luke Cage and Iron Fist's entire respective runs are both currently streaming on Netflix. The Marvel shows will be joined by new content set to arrive on the streaming giant this fall.

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