Luke Cage's Mike Colter Finally Spoke Up About Netflix Cancellation

On Friday, Netflix announced that it had cancelled Luke Cage. With the news settling in over the weekend, fans had yet to hear from the show's star, Mike Colter. Well, he has spoken out with a touching message to fans on Twitter. Check out his tweet, below:

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Mike Colter's gracious message to fans addressed the cancellation of Luke Cage, while also sharing the happy news of him welcoming a daughter. Colter's sweet tweet also reinforces the message sent by the Luke Cage TV show's Twitter account. In the tweet, a picture was posted of the superhero with the words "always forward" written across his midsection. Likewise, Mike Colter reinforced that hopeful message in his tweet to fans, by sharing the motivational phrase in reverse.

With Mike Colter now available to pursue other projects, it should not be long before he is cast in another. That is if this is really the end of Colter's run as the beloved superhero. Whether or not Season 2 is actually the last that Marvel fans have seen of Colter taking on the role remains a mystery, because there is speculation that Colter's Luke Cage could unite with Finn Jones' Iron First for a Heroes for Hire spinoff.

Both Iron Fist and Luke Cage's Twitter accounts have posted messages that hint at both characters' journeys being unfinished. So, there is a reason to hope. Iron Fist appeared in the second season of Luke Cage. Plus, Luke Cage's showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker, did not rule out the possibility of that joint show happening.

If that does indeed get the green-light, it could be the silver lining fans need. For two weeks in a row, Netflix has dealt death blows to its Marvel television line-up. With two seasons under each belt, the streaming giant cancelled Iron Fist and Luke Cage, with each happening within a week of the other. Netflix boss Ted Sarandos even felt the need to assure fans following Iron Fist's cancellation, only to have Luke Cage done away with shortly thereafter.

That announcement came the same day that the third season of Marvel's Daredevil premiered on Netflix. Whether that series will be renewed at this point, though, is anyone's guess in light of recent events.

It is hard to imagine this being the end of Mike Colter's journey as the Marvel superhero. He made his debut on Jessica Jones and his solo series premiered a year later. Colter reprised his role as Luke Cage in the miniseries crossover event, The Defenders. The future of which is also unclear.

Along with the potential of a Heroes for Hire series, there is the possibility of Disney relaunching the series on its streaming service. So, Mike Colter's days as Luke Cage may not be over. Colter's message does not drop any hints either way, so all that is left is to wait and see.

Luke Cage's two seasons are currently available to binge on Netflix, as well as his featured roles on Jessica Jones and The Defenders. The Marvel series will be joined by other upcoming content that will be arriving on the streaming giant this fall.

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