Eminem Slams Netflix For Punisher Cancellation, And Jon Bernthal Is Honored

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A whole lot of people are distraught by the news that Netflix has cancelled The Punisher, and at least one famous person is quite unhappy: Eminem. Earlier this week, the rapper did not mince words. He let his feelings be known about via Twitter, and Punisher star Jon Bernthal has responded. Check out Bernthal’s tweet below:

In his tweet, Eminem expressed his discontent over the decision, slamming Netflix for cancelling The Punisher. Eminem went all out, tagging Netflix’s official account in his tweet and signing off with his real name. For his part, Jon Bernthal is focusing on the fact that Eminem watched The Punisher and is honored he did.

In his tweet, Eminem said that the streaming platform was “blowing it” with its cancellation of The Punisher. It is a sentiment that has resonated among the Twitter-sphere. Eminem’s to-the-point tweet has almost 137,000 retweets and more than half a million likes at the time of writing.

Eminem and The Punisher share a connection beyond the rapper watching the Netflix series. Back in May 2009, Marvel published a comic crossover featuring Eminem and The Punisher.

The one-shot issue involved a story that brought Frank Castle and Eminem face-to-face. What ensues involves gunfire, Barracuda, a frozen lake, and a chainsaw.

Eminem joins many fans frustrated over Netflix’s decision. Mystery continues to encircle the rash of cancellations. Whether the superhero shows can be revived is another aspect that fans will be paying close attention to in the aftermath.

Following Netflix’s announcement of the cancellation, Jon Bernthal took to social media to express his gratitude to comic fans and the armed forces. He also said that it was an “honor to walk” in Frank’s boots.

The news has been sad, albeit not entirely unexpected. Before announcing its simultaneous cancellation of The Punisher and Jessica Jones, the streamer had cancelled Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil, respectively. Hence, the sense that The Punisher may be next had hovered ominously in the air.

Despite hope that the series could stick around Netflix for another season, Netflix dashed it with its announcement.

Now the question becomes whether Disney+ will eventually resuscitate any of the series with their original cast. While promoting Season 2 in light of those cancellations, Jon Bernthal had weighed in how he felt regarding the series’ future.

Eminem, along with the show’s myriad of fans, will always have Season 2. That and the knowledge that the second and final season did not leave its characters in the midst of a potentially deadly cliffhanger. If Eminem is upset with the decision now, imagine his feelings had that have been the case!

Both seasons of The Punisher are currently streaming on Netflix, among many other shows. There is also a lot of new TV content set to arrive during the midseason.

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