Hulu's Veronica Mars Revival Is Bringing Back An Original Series Villain

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The Veronica Mars revival is finally happening, which means many of fans' favorite characters will be back for an all-new adventure. Unfortunately, it also means some characters that fans didn't like all that much will be returning as well. On that note, it appears a truly gross villain from the past will return for the eight-episode return. Strap in, because the great Ryan Devlin is coming back to play the not-so-great Mercer Hayes.

Veronica Mars fans likely remember Mercer Hayes via his actions, as the on-campus DJ ended up being a serial rapist Veronica eventually exposed in Season 3. For those still a bit fuzzy, he's the guy who kept the hair of all his victims, which really adds an additional creep factor on all that. Mercer and his accomplice Moe Flater were eventually brought to justice, and received some additional punishment via Logan in their jail cell.

Needless to say, it probably won't be a warm reunion should Veronica and Mercer cross paths yet again. One would assume Mercer's life changed in a big way after his arrest, and he may have an ax to grind against Veronica for the way his life turned out. Then again, he may be doing fine years later, with his past and old habits back in action until Veronica swoops in to put a stop to it once again.

TVLine, which confirmed that Ryan Devlin was a part of the Veronica Mars revival, added that fans were tipped off he had something to do with it when he posted a picture on Instagram. The picture in question shows him in front of a trailer, with his character's name posted on it and #veronicamars written in the post's caption.

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Ryan Devlin is the latest in a list of actors to reprise their roles in the series. He joins Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Ryan Hansen, and more for the eight episode revival. Right now there's no definitive word on when the Veronica Mars continuation will officially arrive, although it's been said it will debut before the end of 2019. There is more good news for Marshmallows, as Hulu will have the original series as well as the film available to binge this summer.

As far as what the new episodes will highlight, Veronica is hired to investigate a murder that leads to a mystery behind why Spring Break tourists are being murdered around Neptune. She then pits herself between the Neptune elite who want the tourists gone, and the middle class who rely on the business to maintain their livelihoods, in what should be a dramatic unfolding of events.

As for what happens after that, folks will just have to wait until Veronica Mars' revival arrives on Hulu sometime before the year's end. For a look at what else is happening on television in the meantime, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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