Kit Harington Was Not Great At Guessing How Game Of Thrones Would End

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As many Game of Thrones fans are aware, Jon Snow "knows nothing." Turns out that's true of Kit Harington as well, to a certain degree. The actor recently admitted he was terrible at guessing Game of Thrones' ending ahead of reading the scripts. Harington recently went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and confessed that he had plenty of ideas on how the show would draw to a close, but none of them panned out.

I had, like, theories all along, and all of them were wrong. They were all wrong. And I’m quite glad I never told anyone my theories, because they were all wrong.

Kit Harington, of course, couldn't very well elaborate on the previous theories he'd had, because HBO would tar and feather him for spoilers. Game of Thrones' crew has gone to extensive lengths to prevent spoilers for the final season, so obviously no one wants to throw all that hard work away on some actor babbling on during an interview and slipping up. For that reason, the solid strategy for actors is to essentially say nothing at all.

Naturally, Kit Harington and the other Game of Thrones actors can't show up on late-night talk shows just to promote the show in complete silence. So it's been quite a struggle for all of them. Harington told The Late Show audience that the various cast member all picked each other's brains for tips on how to handle such situations like this.

We’re all in the same boat, all of us in the cast. We’re kind of turning to each other going ‘What do you say?’ And I can’t even say lies. I can’t make something up, because then that gets picked up and they pick that apart, and anything that might be true, they narrowed that out of it.

It seems that the saying "there is some truth in every lie" is totally legit. At least when it comes to Game of Thrones interviews, since Kit Harington appeared to be referencing an incident from experience just then. What could he be talking about? What did he say in another interview that was a clear reference to something in Season 8? Oh wait, he's probably talking about this kind of discussion, isn't he?

Kit Harington is a good sport for doing press anyway, regardless of the predicament and his contractual obligations. He showed that in spades when he agreed to play a game in which Stephen Colbert read off potential scenarios for how Game of Thrones ends. The game, which starts at about 10 minutes into the interview video below, is absolutely hilarious.

If Stephen Colbert really wanted to definitively learn if Game of Thrones was just an MCU tie-in or not, he should've just invited Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo! Kit Harington stayed strong, however, and didn't give many meaningful responses to any of Colbert's increasingly ridiculous endgame scenarios. He did laugh pretty hard at that George R.R. Martin joke though, so perhaps he's also grown wary of waiting on the frequently delayed Winds of Winter to arrive.

Harington also had an interesting reaction to that Sopranos-esque ending, for what it's wroth. At the risk of reading too far into things, could Game of Thrones possibly have an inconclusive ending? Imagine the confusion if the credits rolled with three potential throne-takers left standing, and the audience was left to guess which one got it. One could ask Kit Harington if his facial expressions are a sign of that potentially happening, but he probably wouldn't answer.

For the record, Kit Harington is not the only member of his family bad at guessing Game of Thrones' ending. Harington confessed his wife Rose Leslie has thrown every possible scenario at him, but still has yet to figure out how the show will actually end. Harington probably won't tell her in advance, as he managed to get in some hot water with the former Game of Thrones actress the last time he did that.

Kit Harington may not be able to say anything about how Game of Thrones ends, but he could confirm he was all up in his feelings when he read it. He was one of the only cast members who didn’t go through the final season's scripts before the now-famous cast reading, and Harington told Colbert that he was “blubbering," which apparently translates to him crying twice.

Whether that was a good-feelings cry or tragedy-soaked sobs, Kit Harington couldn't tell the Late Show audience, but he has made some pretty strong proclamations about Game of Thrones’ ending in the time since he read it. He’d previously stated his hope the ending transforms television and “breaks boundaries,” and he has some certainty that it just might do that. Could this show really end on such a transformative note? Perhaps Kit Harington thinks the ending was transformative just because it was something he hadn't thought of himself.

Maisie Williams, meanwhile, has her own opinions about the highly anticipated ending. She's outright admitted that the ending may not be one that everyone will be satisfied with. Her reasoning was that there can be no true satisfaction for those who don't want the show to end, but one would think a nice conclusive ending would convince some to accept the conclusion willingly.

Perhaps Williams' opinions came out like that because of the aforementioned troubles that Game of Thrones stars have in these press interviews. Perhaps Lady Gaga needs to have a chat with all of them and show them how much easier it is to repeat the same thing when asked?

It won't be long now before Game of Thrones arrives on HBO, as the new and final Season 8 is due to arrive Sunday, April 14, at 9:00 p.m. CinemaBlend will be covering all the action along the way, and coming up with plenty of theories worth talking about as more information about these final episodes come to light. Those merely looking to bury themselves in television shows until the premiere can find stuff to watch with our midseason premiere guide.

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