Iron Fist's Finn Jones Just Landed His First TV Follow-Up

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It has been a while since Netflix cancelled Iron Fist in October, what with the four other NYC superhero shows getting axed in the meantime. Now, the time has come for the series’ star Finn Jones to board his first TV project following the end of the Marvel series. The actor will lead the pilot for a new crime drama on Fox, and it sounds intriguing.

Finn Jones has signed on to star as the central protagonist of Prodigal Son. The role is a multi-dimensional one that offers a lot for Jones to play. He will star as the uniquely gifted Malcolm Bright, and no, he does not have superpowers. Scratch that, he kind of does.

Malcolm is considered the best criminal psychologist in existence, according to Deadline. That is due in large part to his possession of a crucial ability: he knows exactly how the mind of a killer works. and (accordingly) how they think. His intimate knowledge of such things is due in no small part to his father, Martin Whitly, being a notoriously malicious serial killer that operated under the moniker of “The Surgeon.”

Finn Jones will co-star alongside some well-known talent, with Masters of Sex vet Michael Sheen set to play Malcolm's serial killer father. Despite his crimes, Sheen’s Martin still wants to forge a bond with his son. Sheen, who is soon set to star in Neil Gaiman's Good Omens TV series, is a casting choice that supplies Prodigal Son with further acting prowess.

The apple fell far enough from the tree here, though, as Malcolm uses his keen abilities to do good as a forensic profiler. He works with the NYPD to solve crimes and put an end to various killers’ reigns of terror. Malcolm is said to have a “twisted genius” and “razor-sharp instincts.”

Could Malcolm use his father’s insights along with his own to catch the worst of the worst killers? It seems like an angle the show would want to leverage. Either way, the father and son’s relationship should play heavily into the show's mythos.

Scandal’s Bellamy Young was tapped to play Malcolm’s mother. The report assesses her using the foreboding term of “manipulative,” so Malcolm better watch out. Okay, he probably already is, since you do not get to be a renowned criminal psychologist without a keen ability to read people, especially your family.

Malcolm is not an only child, either. Rounding out his immediate family tree is his sister, who is apparently "normal" in comparison. Sibling bonds are an underrated asset to series, so again Prodigal Son has room to succeed here.

On top of all of that, Malcolm is also dealing with his own ever-evolving neuroses, since having high intelligence doesn't necessarily mean he's without his own mental wounds. All told, Malcolm presents with the makings of a rather intriguing lead character, and Finn Jones has no shortage of developmental aspects to play around with. with this character.

The series itself is summed up as having a darkly comic tonality, which could put Prodigal Son on different footing than the overly serious Iron Fist. In many ways, Finn Jones will continue playing a strong-willed character with special abilities and a doomed family, so it will not a complete departure from Danny Rand.

Along with the aforementioned actors, Lou Diamond Phillips, Aurora Perrineau, and Frank Harts have also signed on to star. Prodigal Son was written by Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver who will be executive producing along with Arrow-verse producer extraordinaire, Greg Berlanti. Time will tell if Prodigal Son gets picked up to series.

With both Finn Jones and Luke Cage’s Mike Colter moving on to new projects things are changing. Hopes that the actors will reprise their roles from the Marvel series appear to be dwindling. Both actors’ shows are only in the pilot stages, though, so it'll take some more time to see how things shake out.

Still, want to check out Finn Jones on Iron Fist? You can. The series is currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix. There are also a lot of new shows during the midseason.

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