How Iron Fist's Finn Jones Reacted To The Netflix Show's Cancellation

Iron Fist just received a major blow. Netflix has announced that it will not be renewing the Marvel series for a third season. Relatively fresh off the reveal, actor Finn Jones, who portrayed Danny Rand, a.k.a. Iron Fist, on the show has reacted to the news. Jones took to Instagram to unleash his sentiments surrounding the cancellation. Check out what he had to say:

Finn Jones Iron Fist Cancellation Reaction

It sounds as though he is taking it in stride. The Game of Thrones alum showed a great deal of gratitude in his Instagram post as well. Whether his time playing the Iron Fist is actually over remains to be seen. While the character's solo series has been cancelled, he could reemerge elsewhere. That said, whether Finn Jones would play him again is, of course, unknown, at this point. Disney reportedly wants to bring the character back for content on its streaming service.

The decision to end the series has come as quite a surprise. Premiering in the spring of 2017, Netflix renewed it for a second season later that summer. The move to cancel the show comes a little over a month since Season 2 bowed on the streaming service in early September. Finn Jones not only starred as Iron Fist on his own Netflix series, he reprised the role in The Defenders and during the second season of Luke Cage.

Only time will tell whether Finn Jones will pop up as the character in one of the other Marvel shows. Iron Fist's official Twitter account said that the "story is never over." Given the existence of the twist that ended the series' run, fans definitely want a follow-up or closure of some sort.

Iron Fist is the first Marvel series on Netflix to be officially cancelled, so the move is definitely high profile. Now, the show will go down in the record books, just not as it likely would have hoped.

For Finn Jones, this marks the latest chapter in a career that has seen him star in two of the most significant television entities in the last decade. He starred as Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones for multiple seasons. Jones left the series due to a story-dictated exit that took place as part of the show's explosive Season 6 finale. The following year, he made his debut as the lead on Iron Fist.

So, Finn Jones went from starring on one pop culture juggernaut to taking part in another, the Netflix side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Time will tell where Jones ends up next. Having appeared in a Netflix series already, he could just as well turn up on another. As for Marvel's other Netflix series, they will go on. The third installment of Daredevil premieres October 19 on Netflix, and the superhero series will not be the only new content arriving on the streaming giant this fall.

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